Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holidays in LA until VA

Christmas in LA. Its different to say the least. Not anything like what I grew up with.

Yesterday I wandered past the La Brea Tarpits. Its such an amazing little pocket of prehistoric wonder in the midst of huge commercial buildings and a major boulevard. I sometimes imagine the animals coming to life in the middle of it all and what would happen...... On that note, off to the Dali exhibit. I felt like a loser not having paid respect to the great surrealist yet, and the exhibit ends on the 6th. I was beyond trying to coordinate with anyone to go, thats always a struggle in this town. Dali's talent along with his ego and charisma certainly would have been a magnet for me or even an aphrodisiac had I been around in another time in place. I had a few moments in one of the gallery rooms alone with Mr. Dali. His crazy eyes and moustache were alive in his animated expressions in film being shown on the 20 foot wall. I always enjoy those sort of exhibitions, where you get to peak more into the actual world of the artist, rather than just observing their known works. I understand now his fascination with cinema, and how he translated that into his paintings. Capturing the flow or evolution from one scene to the next from the "films" in his mind into 2-D expression. I never knew he lived in Monterey or that he painted commissioned portraits of Hollywood actors and studio execs. I can see why Warhol was so drawn to him. Lucky Ultraviolet to have spent time with them BOTH!

So leaving there, back to reality, I did some family holiday shopping. I had this bizarre moment last night at the Grove. Its such a manicured shopping environment, much like a Hollywood set. I sort of have a love/hate thing with it. The Farmer's market next store is more interesting with all the different sorts of cuisine from around the world. Probably the coolest store there is the one with all the vintage toys and memorabilia. The Grove seems really great for families. Always so many kiddies wandering around riding the train, listening to live music, and last night, they made the Hollywood experience complete with ACTUAL SNOW billowing down from the rooftops. It was amazing. It was cold and melted upon my skin. Bizarre. And I have to say, it helped my spirit of the Holidays come out more.

Lost in Translation or Koreatown

While we don't have natural snow in LA, we do have Koreatown and an interesting place with private karaoke rooms called the Orchid Lounge. Mikey & me invited our remaining interns for a little ghetto fab thank you evening of eats, drinks, dancing on tables, and sing along fun with daddy Mike and momma Jess. Lost in Translation style.

When my taxi dropped me off outside, I was a bit concerned that it seemed a bit sketchy......but it was great once I got into it. I think Eri & her Frenchman were a bit sketched out for the few hot minutes they stayed, but we were just glad they dropped by, looking fabulous as always. Other lovely guest appearances were made by Dave & spicy Ali, just hours before she was taking off for Argentina.

Our little intern & PRLA family has stuck together rather nicely. Some are even trained to kill upon command. I think Mike was trying to have Danielle destroy me? We sang Rod Stewart "If You Think I'm Sexy" twice in a row at the end. And those little kiddies all know the words without the prompter. Good ol' Rod. Dolly Parton also went over well. There were also some Spice Girls and other really fun ones.

Don't let his calm, cool, collected demeanor fool you. Mike's got a real talent for the karaoke. Look for his Spanish translation of "Sexy Back" to take over Karenno's Armenian YouTube sensation (the kid is up to 6,000 views....)

Life-Death-Rebirth: 2008 Is Nearly Here

The winter solstice is many things to us. It is a time for reflection and renewal. The stars align in the sky. The solstice is sun's ebbing presence in the sky so varying ideas of life-death-birth, new beginnings, or the rebirth of the sun gods have been observed and celebrated for as long as man has been on this planet. Maybe this is why those of us who feel so truly connected to the earth and the stars and living creatures have that crazy need to have things at peace in our minds as well as to have our living spaces clean, organized, and re-energized. I can really feel it. Can you? Are you connected?

"Mid-winter celebrations have been observed all over the world since ancient times. In Egypt, Osiris is said to have died and been reborn on Winter Solstice. In Greece, the winter solstice rites were called Lenaea, in which Dionysos was torn apart and then reborn. The Incas had their Festival of the Sun and the Pueblos and Hopis, as well as many other Native Americans, observed Winter Solstice with sun-centered rituals. The Romans had their Saturnalia and in fact there were so many different Sun deities connected with Winter Solstice that the Roman emperor Aurelian (@270 AD) officially rolled them all into one single festival and proclaimed December 25 "The Birthday of the Sun". Lighting fires to encourage the return of the sun on the longest night has been a universal tradition since prehistoric times."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Love it

Those fried bananas Grey Ant provided are a delight. Oh yeah..... And hello, does a name get any better?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Played By My Heteros......

It was a good thing.

The boys, my heteros, they are full of surprises. Asking for my help shopping for something cool at the Foley + Corinna opening for one of their girlfriends who lives in Paris. They said she dresses a lot like I do. Ok. I wanted to know all about her style, likes, dislikes. Does she wear fur or not. I decided that for Paris, to be safe, they should only look at black, a touch of red, or creme. I found this insane, very unique, very thin black suede tunic with a pattern created into the suede out of finely cut slashes. It had some handsewn pearl accents scattered about. Very Kate Moss meets hippie meets Chanel. Maybe more London than Paris, but anyway.

So they boys are all proud, as am I, having helped a friend in fashion need. They get her all wrapped up. We continue on with our champagne, conversation, new friends, and laughter.

The heteros announce a bit later that they decided I deserved a trophy for being this nice person or what have you. (Am I?) I am taken aback by all the compliments, blushing, and thinking they are actually going to present me with some cool little trophy. Ha. So there it is. They hand me the bag. Its the cool suede tunic I picked out. It wasn't for the girlfriend, it was for me :) It was the sweetest thing thats happened, well, since my birthday when my girlfriends all got together and rescued me from fashion week hell.

Of course I had to show it off and tell the tale to just about anyone who would listen that night. The gays, when told about the heteros manuevering, gave the cutest, most enthusiastic round of applause.

I still can't believe it, days later......Those sweet gestures of humanity. Of course I love the tunic, but Its really more the thought of it. That they planned it out and did it.

Dave & Mark, thank you so much......its nice to have such caring friends who can make a girl glow with happiness. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When Morning Comes Again

Morning. Mourning. So amazingly haunting is Chrissie's voice. The best part is when she belts out "I was wrong....."

And she has the bestl androgynous style.

The stage and backdrop are quite good in this little clip.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. I wish you joyous days and nights. Youtube is making me lazy. Or inspired. I just love all these old videos.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Simply Beautiful

From Eri to Mikey to Me and now to You.

Koop Island Blues.

The song (and part of the video) captures that feeling you hopefully have been lucky enough to have had. A hurt heart can be a fortunate thing. Without pain, one cannot appreciate pleasure.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anti-Hipster Alert: Big Buck Hunter is Where Its AT!

3 girls all named "Heather" for the night. Now you know my trick to play dumb and get rid of the creeps.

We wandered in. Rebecca made us go there to experience it. I see the game. Skynrd is on the jukebox. I don't even care about a drink. I just HAVE to play this game while Skynrd is on. Must get change!
Seriously. Don't piss me off. I'll cut you. I mean shoot you.

Dive bar + 3 friends and one young nouveau riche guy in a Hummer asking us to "come party with him" and no champagne in sight = lets make the best of it and actually have a damned good time!

Except for the fact, and I do not lie, that I may have been a slight "buzz kill" because everytime I shot the buck, um, well, I actually apologized and said, "I'm sorry." Yes, that made my friends laugh, but I felt bad.....even though I wanted to kick some ass.

Its my new la femme Nikita meets modern Cleo 'do that makes me so comfy with weapons perhaps?

Julie was the sexy winner. Though I SMOKED her in the alien screen. Ha. It was the best! Cows being sucked up by alien ships you had to blast away! Wow. I want this at home! Do you think they sponsor vegetarians?
The "aim" (ha, get it) of Big Buck Hunter is simple. Shoot as many of the three male deer with the double pump shot gun on any given screen without shooting any female deer. Double pumping is really difficult. Ha. get it. Anyway, bonuses are awarded for shooting two (double buck) or three (triple buck) and for accuracy. Just don't shoot the does.......its really bad for your score and your karma.....

Cowtails are the BEST

Chewy caramel with vanilla yumminess, and a really cool logo to boot. Quite tasty with a nice Chilean red wine ;0 Try it some time.

So Back......Lookout Los Angeles.........

My inspiration this week, or at least for now ;)

Kiddies, learn some super amazing 80's dance moves. So difficult, oui? SERIOUSLY, if you are too ADD for the beginning of this Romeo Void video, then just move forward and enjoy the bouncing pogo stick moves.

And I DO LIVE by the phrase Never say NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Documentary will show Kate's highs and lows

Documentary will show Kate's highs and lows (From the Guardian, UK)
The programme airs in January

The life and career of supermodel Kate Moss will be the focus of a two-part documentary.

The Channel Five programme will look at the leggy blonde's relationship with musician Pete Doherty and the drugs scandal that surrounded her.

It will also cover her role as a style icon, mum and entrepreneur.

"It will cover everything from the times of Cool Brittania to her association with the so-called Primrose Hill set," a spokesman for the documentary told The London Paper.

The Kate Moss Years is due to be shown on January 9.

Dirty Part Deux

Arena Magazine. David Beckham is the cover boy. Long chain necklace on him in the interview is from our client Pianegonda and we did this placement through our LA office.

I like to wear this piece. Its pretty amazing. It also feels amazing on. I feel like I should be rolling around naked in it, right? I mean you know, it was on his bare skin! Ha. But I'm just not a DB groupie. Does that make me weird? He looks a little convict to me? I'm probably more into Posh ;)

Anyway, enjoy.

I Feel So Dirty......

I think I was home at 3AM? Looooong night. Hustling for the client to try to get to Britney. Yes, the Britney. At that point, I just was on robot mode. It wasn't about me, or being too cool or embarrassed. Just doing my job. Wow. Huge bodyguards, photographers everywhere. I put on my sweet southern accent thinking that may help draw her over to see the client's designs on display in the mansion, and more importantly for my numero uno favorite client especial. Spoke to her cousin for a hot second, actually to Brit Brit for a hot second, and that creepy Sam guy always with her had a conversation with me. The girl, anywhere she went in the mansion, the crowd just shifted towards her like a school of fish following bait. Its hard to even explain. She actually looks cute enough in person. But I wish she would just stay home..... And honestly, I'd rather have been at home in my little place than in that scene in the Bel Air mansion. It was just so gross I can't even describe......

Surfer girls.....local girls

Some calls this weekend thanks to good ol' USA network showing Blue Crush. I turned it on after prodding from Rebecca. I haven't seen it in so long. My dear Mr. Stockwell, you did a fabulous job. So weird in some ways to watch it, so much has changed since then for me, so much in every way possible, and so much for all of us. Funny to think of how some people know the lines I ad-libbed for the film with Keala and for Kate in the end (or as incidental as it may seem to some, to help in creating the "look" of the "modern" surfer girl is kinda cool. Did ya know I actually designed that rashguard? I was just SICK of my girls looking like boys in contests!) It was such an amazing experience and its a cute film. I forged some amazing friendships on that one. BC truly visually captures the beauty and allure of Hawaii. And thats one thing that hasn't changed for me, the pineapple girl. I love Hawaii so much. I have to get there soon! KK and Sanoe, I miss you...............................

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The steel magnolia. Is she better suited for the land of peanuts, cotton and ham, a tropical island, another country, or this very city?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This weekend's theme song

I always liked this photo a lot. It was not setup at all. Just the random way things fell to the floor. It kinda says enough. And I just like all the different textures: leather, pearls, satin, nylon, velvet, sequins.

As for the song, I didn't know it was used by Itouch or Ipod until I Googled it. I haven't watched regular tv in a while.....but anyway, its so good. (The video is quite horrible, but I am not savvy enough to just post a song).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Resurrection Sample Sale

I'm so nice to tell you about this & not keep it all to myself. More great sample sale info to follow. Lets share a glass of champagne ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods

    THERE is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more,
    From these our interviews, in which I steal
    From all I may be, or have been before,
    To mingle with the Universe, and feel
    What I can ne'er express, yet cannot all conceal.
    --Lord Byron

Smashbox Cosmetics & Petro Zillia

"For her much anticipated Petro Zillia Spring 2008 show, designer Nony Tochterman created a fantasy world of flowing dresses in bright, vivid colors of silk and satin. The beauty look was fresh, flirty, and sooo LA, with sunkissed skin, lots of liner and bright pink lips."
Click HERE to get the look.
Some of the merchandising. Nicky Hilton & Nony.
Bringing makeup looks from the Petro Zillia runway straight to your face, Smashbox cosmetics collaborated with Nony Tochterman of Petro Zillia for a limited edition collection.

Already reviewed in WWD, we held a party last week at the magical Petro Zillia store here in LA on 3rd (across from Toast) to launch the line. Being in the PZ store is like wandering around as Alice in Wonderland. The colors, the style, the decor, very magical. And EVERYTHING is for sale including the furniture and mirrors. Its a very unique concept and very friendly. She also has a huge lawn out back, perfect for parties. And Ms. Nony also has her studio on site where I was lucky enough to see all the amazing fabrics, yarns, and accoutrements.
Above: Mike & his angels, Eri & BB in Catherine Malandrino.
Below: Makeup artist Roxy, me in PZ, and swimsuit designer Natalie Golonka.

Thanks to Michael from Wireimage for the party shots. Drinks from Pink Vodka, eats from Dolce.

Mad TV Project Runway Spoof

Prepare to laugh! Seriously good.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

YSL + Power Drilling

Hmmm.....what a combo. I don't think these quite classify as workboots, but its what I wore to install shelves at work last week. Hey, I like to save the company some cash, or maybe I just like the power of the drill in my hand with stilettos on my feet? Yes. Its true. Drilling into the plaster, hearing the metal wall anchor pop inside means "success!" The physical accomplishment combined with problem solving and style. And now we have our lovely Longchamp bags looking all pretty on display. More on those later, especially the cute Kate Moss bags for spring.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project Runway is TONIGHT!

The new season debuts tonight. I cannot go anywhere. I cannot DVR the debut. I want to watch it at the same time as everyone else. I know, its lame, maybe its like when men have to watch football live? Fashion is my sport perhaps.

But the reality of reality television is that after the 1st season, the shows are never as "pure." They ultimately become more commercial and you know more what to expect. It seems PR has become more of a place for already somewhat established designers to get more media time, exposure to possible investors, etc. I can't say I blame them, but I don't think its as exciting to see a 30-40 year old LA hipster, or wealthy upper east sider as it is to see just fresh, struggling, artistic talent? NO ONE will ever compare to the character which was my dear love Austin Scarlett. Maybe yes, its true, I have an affection for the slender gay designer, but aside from that, Austin was just so talented and also so entertaining.

I've Never Seen You Wear Flats.....

Is what Mikey said yesterday. Maybe I haven't worn flats for 3 months? I was trying something "new." They were stylish with studs at the toe, but oddly, I believe I feel more comfortable in heels.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Voyeurism & Exhibitionism: Spicy Ali in the NY TIMES!

So check out my friend Alejandra in the NY TIMES! So PROUD! Wow!

JEREMY FLETCHER and Alejandra Lillo, designers at Graft, an architecture and design firm based in Berlin, Beijing and Los Angeles, were working out a dialogue between voyeurism and exhibitionism, they said, when they designed the swooping, shiny white interiors of the W Downtown, a glass-walled condominium tower to be built in 2009 in Manhattan’s financial district.

Not only will the building’s glass walls allow W residents to see, and be seen by, passers-by on the street below, but Mr. Fletcher and Ms. Lillo have created peekaboo features within each apartment, like a window between the kitchen and the bedroom, and a bathroom that’s a glass cube, allowing residents to expose themselves to their roommates and family members, too. The idea, Mr. Fletcher said, was to frame and exhibit the intimate details of life, or at least ones that would be aesthetically pleasing, “like your silhouette in the shower.”

“We are creating stages for people to perform on in some way, but it’s a very scripted and considered display,” he said. “Cooking could be a display, for example, with your partner watching you from the bedroom.”

He talked about tuning the privacy of each room, using shades or scrims to have larger or smaller openings, as you would change the aperture of a camera. “So if you don’t want your partner to see you shaving your legs in the shower,” he said, “you can pull the shade.”

Like the clothes Marc Jacobs designed for his own label and for Vuitton this fall — skirts bunched into the waistbands of pantyhose at the back, see-through dresses with bras and panties sewn onto them — Graft’s peekaboo interiors are a sly commentary on a culture that continues to find new ways to display ever more intimate, and mundane, details of domestic life. In a YouTube world, one’s home is no longer one’s private retreat: it’s just a container for the webcam.

Click HERE for the rest of the article.

Monday, November 12, 2007

There Was This Hot GTO.....

So last week, I looked out my window at work. And I shreiked outloud, a scream of pure animal pleasure. My intern was aghast. Mikey was afraid. They'd never seen or heard that side of sweet Jessica. (This was before they saw me become a zombie). I ran to the door. I walked all around it, right there on the street, peered inside the empty car. Looked around, wondering, dreaming, of who could be the owner of such a hot ride??? Do I dare touch its fabulous hood?

"Oh," I said, "maybe the owner is as amazing as the car?" In my head I thought, "please, please, let this be a GIFT for me today! A car this HOT with a guy equally as hot driving it!" Aside from the fantasy, I really would like to have a car like that. It looked a lot like the one here.

And Izzy once said some really funny stuff about muscle cars. That girls are just not responsible for their actions when exposed to a muscle car. I know, its a bit crazy. You don't maybe picture the girl with the great shoe & hosiery collection dying for these cars. Maybe it just goes back to my adolescent history?

My boyfriend Roger in high school drove a dark beetle green GTO with a matching beetle green interior and that slip-slidey big old back seat....... Its nickname was the "time machine" because somehow, time escaped all who rode in it, such an amazing ride.

And back to now, I wondered aloud, "where is the owner?" Someone in my office sarcastically said, "probably in Hot Wings, or Babeland buying "toys". "NO!" I countered, "I think he's down buying a fabulous hat at the hat store." That was the play in my mind.

Please, let this ALL be a gift to me today.

And 20 minutes later, what do you think we saw?

Paper Magazine 24 HR Store LA

(I am so tired here.....but happy :) He's all sexy.)
What FUN! Design, socializing, good music, art, an interesting environment, good style, and friends old and new :)

SOME PHOTOS + Paper Mag's take


Kim at Paper magazine put together a fabulously edited pop-up store with wares from 25 brands/stores. colette had the best ltd. edition Tanqueray bottle designed by Jeremy Scott, the Piper champagne by Viktor & Rolf, darling Hello Kitty Pez, fun little things. Mollusk had some incredibly beautiful surfboards. I should have snatched up that vintage Betsey Johnson skirt from Screaming Mimis (I've loved that store and their illustrated advertisements for years) but it was just too crazy in the place and I could not keep up with all the visually appealing things everywhere......and time just went too fast.

So, lets see, Dave bought the coolest, sexiest gold computer thingy I've ever seen. The Lacie drive from Rose Apodaca's stand. Hot hot piece of computerness. I bought hundreds of dollars worth of feathered handmade headpieces--champagne on the brain and paying tribute to my ancient native American blood, and talked to so many nice people from Show Pony, Colette, Jeremy's kids, MAC, the snake boy, giving and receiving guidance to/from the young the hipster girls (I show how to wear feather headresses, am shown the latest real gold-flaked Givenchy lipgloss), and more. Oh, thats the amazing Ann Magnuson that I'm putting my divine feather hat creation on by Laura Kranitz who sells at the super amazing Show Pony in Echo Park.

I was too enthralled to take photos on my own, but above are some for you to click to and enjoy thanks to our friends at Paper and the Cobrasnake.

A great experential marketing creation by Paper--the magazine was brought to life through the art, commerce, characters and artists all in one place in humble Los Angeles for 24 hours.....

Saying goodbye is always so sad :( LA loves you Paper!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Becoming the Undead is Liberating! I Like Handlebars.

Dance photo from the cobrasnake. I like being a tiny (zombie) dancer.

'Cause this is Thriller! Paper magazine's Colette dance party hosted by Mr. Jeremy Scott was just an incredible time! Monmarte Lounge was the spot. The perfect space for it. My costume was so much fun to make and I LOVED my makeup! I felt like I accomplished it like a pro (what do you think Roxy?). Making all my skin geisha white (yes, the girl who is practically a geisha does have geisha powder) was really interesting.

night of the living undead: Jeremy & Jessica. glowing eyes courtesy of the other side.

I normally would not post these many photos of myself or probably pose this much, but I am proud my little creative endeavor turned out so well. And I was rather acting another character all night.

Overall, I think I really like the undead look and its kinda sexy in a bizarre way. You don't care if your makeup is all smudged, or your hair is a mess, or someone spills a cocktail or um, blood on you, or any of that stuff. Its like rock and roll f-you, f-me, I am FREE!

Photo from the cobrasnake.

I've always had this slightly vampire fetish, the whole biting of the neck thing and the idea of that freakish connection to the one who gave you eternal life.....or giving it to another..... I KNOW it sounds crazy! Or maybe spiritual in a sweet sort of way. Yes. Don't judge, I am not actually a vampire that I know of. And without freaking any of you out, I kind of have had experiences with some powers and such, but anyway......onto the fun. (insert ghoulish Vincent Price laughter here)....

Learning the Michael Jackson Thriller choreography was just so FUN! THE BEST! The girls at Colette in Paris realized the power of pop music dance moves a while ago and came here to show us Americans the fun. Slapping faux blood all over my friends was like some frenzy! It was like a blood dealer at a vampire party. Urban Decay Gash lip gloss was helpful as well. People were flocking in, wanting the latest undead beauty tips and blood. And you could just WATCH everyone become liberated once they had blood dripping from their mouth, nose, eyes, or ears. Honestly, it was a sort of an aphrodisiac or I don't know what, but the blood and makeup CHANGED people I am telling you! Look, I could hardly keep my tongue in my mouth. Ha.

Orlando is such a cute zombie and great dancer! BTW, the sticky, drippy, juicy faux blood was a refreshing mint flavor for those bloody zombie or vampire kisses you know you are hot for.

So only 50-60 of us were allowed to take part in the class while the rest of the party watched. I was my lucky #13. Sweet CC was my big cheerleader as she watched from the DJ booth. We had the lesson and danced for at least 45 minutes or maybe an hour. Seriously, I want to do that every WEEK! The instructor was amazing, a fabulous personality, and talented man. At the end, we had a zombie dance off, odd numbers against even numbers and then we were all over the floor writhing around. WOW! It was also fab fun dancing one on one with our instructor after the Thriller lesson, and a bit of my favorite sweet nectar..... champagne (not blood).

Our dance instructor.

He has great moustache style to go along with his fancy footwork.

More photos to follow from BB & Eri...send them on girls!

And some on the Cobrasnake site:

More and video will be up on and who knows where else.

Paper, Colette friends, dance instructors, & Jeremy: Love you all TO DEATH!
Eternally yours,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Items I'm Watching

What does what you watch on eBay say about you? Its rather personal, isn't it? And here I am.....

So the question, what does this say about me? It must say schizo, fortune teller, or costume designer. Maybe just a slightly eccentric and confused woman who lives in a fantasy world ;)

Mid century Pierre Paulin chair
Unused NAPPA LEATHER Spats--so different
NEW $895 Brian Atwood Shoes
FIne Deco Estate Topaz Ring
2 Vintage Black Velvet Cocktail Hats
Victorian Button-up Spats
8 Vintage Cocktail Napkins LINEN 1930'40's Bar
Vintage Turban Style Hat with Feathers
Antique Military Jacket
Michael Jackson Guitar Hat Pin
Vintage 2 Piece Tail Coat Suit Dated 1902
Nude, Owl, & Wine Ex Libris, Estonia 1967
VINTAGE 80's French Oversized ROUND sunglasses

Wait, I think I figured out what it says about me afterall.....I want to be living in a different time, in another place.....

Neo Victorian Computer

This is insanely cool!

One of my lives

Leesa Leva

Hmmm.....this sort of inspires me to paint again. Its not mind-blowingly creative, its somehow "attainable." I was pretty good at gouache and watercolor, colored pencils, graphite.... Always more into humans and their surroundings than straight still lifes of objects or architectural renderings.

So this is the stuff I know. People. I love watching humans, its like the best TV set in the world right in front of us every day. When I went to school and took my fashion illustration courses, sadly the world was overcome with photography and computer graphics. Now there is a resurgence for fine arts and illustration in pop culture it seems.

For a long while, Paper magazine kept fashion illustration alive in their pages, even when others were not. Hopefully they'll bring that back again. I loved those pages with the imaginary models and I loved more that all the garments were properly credited.

I should be doing something else right now, but I am dreaming of my little watercolor sketchbook. Why did I stop painting and drawing so long ago? Maybe I'd have been a great illustrator by now...... Maybe not, but we never know. Why did I quit the violin (another dream to take back up again). I hope I don't forget. I hope I do it again....just for me! :) Its never too late to take up again anything we once loved.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday at Figaro

If you know me, if you really know me, you know how much I love the little place called Figaro in Los Feliz. Organic French food. Just down the road. I stumbled upon it walking about 3 years ago when my fellow of that time was living in Silverlake. I was up here for the weekend without a car, which has never been a problem for me, and I walked all over Silverlake & Los Feliz, taking in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sublime.

I still remember peeking inside for the first time with delight :) Excited to tell the fellow about my discovery and looking forward to sharing it with him. I remember dining there for the first time as well, and most every time since. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, sometimes with friends, sometimes a date, sometimes drawing on the paper tablecloths they used to use, sometimes dining alone talking to the nice waiters, always memorable.

This past Sunday I dined with new friends who love Figaro as much as I do. We joked earlier in the week about getting the restaurant as part of a divorce settlement--its that important to us! Its great to find others who love it there the way I do. The atmosphere, the antique zinc bar, the cafe tables and chairs--sidewalk dining like in Paris. The whole ambiance. Of course the food is great too. I was worried the new owners would change things too much, but it was lovely. One of those loooooooong, leisurely, conversational 2 or however many hours at Figaro.....and BB's cafe au lait was so huge it should come with a cat to lap up all that milk.

Side note, the meager yet convenient work lunchtime for me, Cafe Marly, has changed their hours to no longer serve lunch! It seems sweet Laurent cannot get out of bed earlier than 4 PM. No more crepes or omelets, or pan bagnat for me. No more intimate wine conversations with friends....etc. to take that break in a rough day :( Its okay, its not my fav place I suppose. Its no FIGARO!

Reading A Little Oscar Again

I'm sitting here....

In a "sexy" 1950's soda shoppe waitress costume. Bright bubble gum pink that makes my skin look like a golden St. Tropez summer. This is what they sell to girls at the stores here in Hollywood for Halloween. But this skin will be transformed with geisha makeup and purple and green eyeshadows. Zombie chic. And the other fun part will be destroying the trampy little ensemble and covering it with slashes, burns, and faux blood. Channeling a zombie soda shoppe waitress for the Colette MJ Thriller dance party Jeremy is hosting.