Sunday, December 28, 2008

Riding (In Style) With Bonnie & Clyde

In an era where J Edgar Hoover ran the FBI, our government dealt with a very real public relations issue in that a large populous of Americans sympathized and even glamourized certain outlaws, notably Bonnie & Clyde. This was of course a time of much cynicism towards our government by its citizens. A time when good people were basically destroyed losing their homes and savings to the banks, massive unemployment, and to top it off, folks could not legally forget their sorrows in a cocktail. Prohibition was the icing on the cake which left many in our country seeing police and officials as a joke. (The government seeming a joke and out of touch with its citizens, people losing their homes, etc...... hmm, sound familiar? ;)

And then you have Bonnie & Clyde--young, stylish, and robbing banks. Perversely symbolizing a sort of freedom. Renegades out on the open road opposing the out of touch law men and oppressive government.

What do you think would have been the case in the past year if we would have had ourselves a modern version of these notoriously stylish young outlaws? I think they'd be on the cover of every paper in this country, as well as Us Weekly, Ok!, In Touch, and People Magazine and seen on There would be people employed to know or at least speculate on what brand of shoes our modern Bonnie was wearing and who made this Clyde's suits. It would be a feature on E! and Entertainment Tonight. Would the Sartorialist shoot them? Heck, would fashion public relations people risk their lives to get Bonnie & Clyde their client's hats, shoes, and dresses? Very likely!

Below is an excerpt from Playboy magazine 1968 by W.D. Jones, a former member of Bonnie & Clyde's gang of outlaws, after the release of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway's "Bonnie & Clyde" film (of which Beatty was a producer). Its no surprise to me that the pair of outlaws were so stylish, she was a little Libra lady afterall :)

Bonnie was always neat, even on the road. She kept on make-up and had her hair combed all the time. She wore long dresses and high heels and them little tams on her head. She was a tiny little thing. I reckon she never weighed more than 100 pounds, even after a big meal. But them big meals was usually bologna and cheese sandwiches and buttermilk on the side of the road. Run, run, run. At times, that seemed all we did.

She had light-colored hair, but she dyed it different shades. She seemed to like to do that, and Clyde approved. It made a good disguise. She even dyed his and my hair. Only once for me, though. In them days, dyeing hair took more than a little time. She had me all wrapped in towels and I had to sleep that way one night. It worked, though. My hair come out black as coal.

Its a great little read: Click here.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whirlwind. Wild is the Wind.

Some pics from the whirlwind trip to Virginia.

January 2007 to January 2009. Thinking of the past two years. How they flew right by in the constant and crazy pace of this life. Of all that has changed. New city, new place, new things, new job, new pet. Ex love, malicious soul suckers, ex job, the devastating loss of dear family. New travels, new adventures, new people, new car, new likes, new ideas, new places, new haircuts, new outlook, new person? And the essentials that have thankfully remained the same. Dear friends, loving family, the core of my being, not jaded.
Spending time with family during the holidays can really make you hit your "reset" button and put so much into perspective if you allow it. Or I suppose quiet time alone can do that to a degree as well. The pause as things slow down now before the new year approaches. Have we been more patient, kind and fair than not? Have we also taken time to tend to the flowers of our own garden as much as we have tended to others? What has been learned from the good and the bad? The joy and the pain?
So very looking forward to the coming week. To bringing together those who have stood the test of time with those who are newly essential and dear. I am blessed and so very fortunate. Rich in love as the saying goes.


of the sunsets through the forest across the street from home in Virginia.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Its beginning to look, smell, feel and sound a lot like Christmas :)

Smell: Baked some quite yummy, buttery, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies earlier this week to get in the mood. And the use of doilies these days is underrated! So pretty and proper to frame your baked goods. Like a lacy snowflake :) Next up, star and palm tree shaped sugar cookies (think Hollywood walk of fame and the palm tree lined streets of this fine city). And lets not forget that hot spiced apple cider. Its yummy to drink and lovely to scent the home as well.

Sound: Car stereo is tuned to 24 hour Christmas music station. I am serious. We only get to indulge once per year, so why not do it up, sing to the top of your lungs, and FEEL it?! At home, try this: You can go from classic Christmas tunes, to Rock, Pop, and many more choices.

Look: Your own decorations or driving around looking at the lights in neighborhoods. Perfect for a Sunday evening.

Feel: Do you feel it in your heart? :) And may your every New Year dream come true this year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Malibu & Hollywood Holiday Time

The bestttttttttttt. Malibu Seafood. Brought back memories of my family back East and eating fried clam strips and shrimp with my dad when I was a teeny little girl. Simply the best fried seafood I've had since I've lived in California I think. Fresh and yummy. And outside, look at the light here. Its like heaven itself. The majesty of this earth. Not retouched at all. Even more amazing to experience it live.....

A hammock of fun w/Shahla at a huge party on Sat. I might have looked a bit Gossip Girl?Jacket from Paris, very vintage broach from my mom. Olivia at Sgt. Recruiter in an amazing vintage sweater dress. Yumminess after hours with wine and cheese.

The El Capitan theater. So pretty. Makes you want to give all your money to the church of Mickey Mouse. They are realllllly good.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Filligree Car Bomb Me

Filligree car bomb by Cal Lane.

"The metaphor of lace further intrigued me by its associations of hiding and exposing at the same time; like a veil to cover, or lingerie to reveal."

I'd like to drive a car like intact metal lace car. Can you imagine the photos? Perfect for a fashion shoot.....Don't go stealing my idea, or do. She seems like an incredibly cool woman. She is from Nova Scotia, where one of my great grandmother's lived.

Friday, December 5, 2008

BBC's Creature Comforts: Self Image

Across the United States hundreds of ordinary Americans were interviewed on a variety of subjects. This is what they had to say about self image....

"We talkin' about how purty you'd be if you'd put on some makeuuuuup."

Why ya'll always have to make fun of us Southern folk so much ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't You Cry No More

Viktor & Rolf. Happily making our way into winter here in la la land. One of those perfect designs of shoe art that turn anything into a magical dream--any season of the year ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Watership Down

Written in 1972 by British author Richard Adams. One of my favorite books. A film which both haunted and shaped me from childhood....many lessons to learn my friends.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eight Weeks

Part of the circle of trust. A tough day made beautiful. Birthday @ Cafe des Artistes. Rebecca, Eddie, moi, Julie, Roxy, Christine, Dave.

Me (Julia Clancey headpiece) & Roxy :)

Kevlar bullet proof roses to pin over your heart. Paper 24 hour store
Jenny from Opening Ceremony. Lovely woman of style. Bernard Wilhelm sunnies. Love them. And a tan, blonde blast from my past in the background: darling Danielle from Roxy. We have stories to tell ;)
Fall in LA! One of my favorite trees. Japanese red maple.

Day of the Dead @ Tony Alva's.
JT Bowie transformation & Ms. Stacy.

Prop 8 protest downtown. Electric energy!
Manish Arora show. It was stunning. Paris always is a degree too good for words and pictures. The best parts are in that video player in my mind ;)
Johnny Makeup in Jeremy Scott Fox sweater. Love.

Hot taste in Lanvin shoes....kill me.
Eye see you....Eye see all....Eye see what eye want to see....
Kiki de party & Alejandro. Bonding over white dresses and turquoise eyes. Julia Clancey dress, jet collar and headpiece. Princess Leia meets Cleopatra..... in the future....
Ezra's Wednesdays @ Mandrake. Eddie in lovely grey grosgrain suspenders from Le Bon Marche.
House of the seeds of many men. Trip with a friend :)

La Jetee

1962 by Chris Marker
Incredibly interesting and stunning short film which speaks to the heart and mind. Created by photomontage with narration and music. A story of post-nuclear war Paris and unusual experimentation with time travel in hopes to go to the future to gain help for the present. A skill I wish I could master myself so many times.

Watch it. And watch it again..... Own it on Criterion Collection.

"She welcomes as a natural phenomenon, the ways of this visitor who comes and goes, exists, talks, laughs with her, stops talking, listens to her, then vanishes..."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quote of the Day from Dave

Jessica: Whats up?

Dave: Just trying to keep food on the table...good white truffle risotto, not mac n cheese.

I Want This....

Gwyneth Paltrow in Antonio Berardi Spring 09.

Do you love it?

(I agree-it would be better if you didn't have the hint of nude lingerie beneath)...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm singing so much these days. Last night taking a reprieve from Edith Piaf to Nina Simone, Wild is the wind. We've had it in Hollywood for a few days. Its cool. Its rainy. Its rare. Its beautiful. It was the wind of change coming....

I love that I live in a neighborhood, so green and pretty, while also being close to the thick of things, where I could walk a few blocks to Barack the vote!

I walked along with Callie, singing aloud "Star Spangled Banner." See, I live in Hollywood, so no one would think I am crazy... LOL. Besides, I find singing aloud while walking to be a bit old fashioned, no? And you know, I love LA because they let me bring the pup inside with me to vote. I mean, how cool is that?!

Back to the point. When I got to "the land of the free, and the home of the brave...." That part struck me. How brave it is for my friends to come out to their families, to want to have the same rights as heteros in marrying the person they love most on this earth.

I thought of the 1960s in Virginia. Where the white aunt I never knew (she passed away when I was small) had to leave the state to go to another in order to marry the black man she loved (and eventually bear his children).

This was 1 generation ago people. And doesn't it seem so disgusting? Is it really any different the way mixed races couples were discriminated against in comparison to this? So I voted the right way "no" on prop 8. Sadly, we were defeated. I do think the way these props are worded is also confusing to people. Does no mean no or does it mean yes?

But onto Obama. The best fantasy come true a human could have last night!

I am a mostly good southern woman. I have heard so many stories passed down from my grandma and my mother and my other relatives. Stories of the the civil war in Virginia, my grandmother's relatives and their involvement, that a pound of bacon was $100 once the Yankees cut off our supplies, of holding civil war relics my grandpa discovered around town while I was a child, the tales of my own mother going to prom with a well-to-do "Hispanic" boy (ohhhh it was scandalous. But ohhhhh honey, was he so proper and MUY CALIENTE!!! in those photos), my mother and aunts tales of the different water fountains for whites and "coloreds", what they experienced in their young lives seeing dreams created and the murdersof living saints they thought would carry their country out of that disgust. My own father having to fight in a war which he did not believe in. I thought of little things like how I was raised to NEVER litter (before anyone was thinking of all those papers and cigarette butts ending up in the ocean). I think of the photos of the Beatles my parents had on their bedroom wall--they were only in their early 20's when I was born. I thought of the advantages I had. The violin lessons, the ballet, exposure to arts and culture but all with an appreciation and understanding of others who may not have these things. How all of this, the politics, the history of the south, the music, my schooling, my family, how it all affects me to this very day.

I always get tears in my eyes when I hear recordings of Martin Luther King, Jr. Maybe its my hippie or black spirit from another life. I am not so sure. But to live in this historical moment. To have marked obsessively on that card my vote for President Obama. I just, well, its like living in that dream MLK, Jr talked about.

I believe so much in the good spirit of change which will happen.

I am more motivated to live my own life for each day, with hope, with positivity.

I am excited to see Americans become proud again.

And look forward to seeing soldiers return to our soil.

I feel so fortunate to be alive......

I hope you appreciate it as well.

Love your fellow Americans. Love the people of the world.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leslie Aldridge Reed

My dear aunt. THE steel magnolia of them all. She was the family event planner. Knower of all rules of etiquette, seating, and the like. It all seemed so effortless to her, just like her attention to everyone in our huge family, what year each graduated high school and college, their birthday (usually down to what time and what they weighed), their favorite color, scent, flower, food, and dress or shoe size. No details ever lost on aunt Bucky as we called her.

She passed away a week ago while I was on the other side of the Atlantic. I tried to remain calm, which I did. And then I lost it. I don't know how long I sat there. I don't know how long I stared at nothing. I don't know how long I lay collapsed in the shower crying. But I thought of her and how she would handle it. I went to the church steps away from my Paris apartment, Saint Ambroise, and took in the majestic feeling, said some prayers, lit a candle, and then made the plans to be with family.

She was the one who called me a steel magnolia.....

She lived in a small town in conservative Virginia. She was always perfectly put-together just like her perfectly decorated yet welcoming home. She was very gracious and never judged me. She always encouraged me in my work as well as life and the many gypsy adventures. She laughed at my funny stories and consoled me in bad times, but always gave a sense of hope.

I keep having these random good flashes of moments with her. I keep thinking of the photos from Paris I would show her. And then I realize again she is gone. It goes to show, as her son, my cousin pointed out: None of us know when our time will come.

That doesn't mean you should be afraid. I believe instead, it means we should live each day full of love and hope and appreciate those around us :) I will miss her terribly. Its been difficult to say the least. But my gosh, what a gift to have had someone like that in my life and to have her love live on.

Take care people. Be kind to one another. Don't take good people in your life for granted. Be that maker, lover, and keeper....

From her memorial service:
Briefly It Enters, and Briefly It Speaks--Jane Kenyon

I am the blossom pressed in a book,
found again after two hundred years. . . .

I am the maker, the lover, and the keeper. . . .

When the young girl who starves
sits down to a table
she will sit beside me. . . .

I am food on the prisoner's plate. . . .

I am water rushing to the wellhead,
filling the pitcher until it spills. . . .

I am the patient gardener
of the dry and weedy garden. . . .

I am the stone step,
the latch, and the working hinge. . . .

I am the heart contracted by joy. . .
the longest hair, white
before the rest. . . .

I am there in the basket of fruit
presented to the widow. . . .

I am the musk rose opening
unattended, the fern on the boggy summit. . . .

I am the one whose love
overcomes you, already with you
when you think to call my name. . . .

Sunday, October 5, 2008

C'est Amour

Her heart beat slowly and passionately. Breathing deeply. Her eyes were as wide open as ever before. Taking in everything, her heart felt to physically open up, expand and grow--like a flower blooming in one of those time lapse films. The petals reaching out to the world. Then came the butterflies. The subtleties of light embracing and bouncing off the buildings and trees through the misty clouds. The hazy glow of streetlights in the rain. The magnificent orange glow of the day's sun retiring--in contrast to dark aqua to navy skies and fluffy white clouds merging to dramatic anthracite filled with rain to come. The scene was like an impressionist painting come to life. How could she see things in life, almost exactly the way Monet or dear Van Gogh painted them on the canvas? Was it seeing through the filter of love? Was it the moment? It was all. It was it. The camera was dead. It did not matter. The moment is recorded in her mind forever. So special. So perfect. The love with that perfect city which reciprocates it all exponentially. One of the great loves of her life...... This is what loves feels like....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At Home Here In Paris

Avec Monsieur Coste and his cool ride. The Eiffel Tower, Vroom vroom.

Its 4:30AM.

So much to tell. So many experiences. All the senses. Everything. I feel like I float down these streets. The star of a movie called life.

J'adore Paris. Beyond words.....

Does it get any better than this? If it does, WOW, I am even MORE excited!!!

Living in an apartment of my own for over a week. Walking the dog down Saint Germaine. Practicing my bad French. Cruising around the city at midnight on a motorcycle. And the Eiffel tower lit up like this? Does this stuff really happen? Yes, it does. Even for petite females from tiny towns in Virginia. I am not jaded. I am so appreciative of all of this. This is not to brag. I hope it is to inspire :)
Its Paris. It has to be Chanel.

I have to write some things not so vague about Jeremy's show and his so very perfect pop culture commentary on the fuel crisis "Let Them Eat Gas", this amazing luxury helmet designer, the intricate patterns and sculpture of the Manish Arora collection, and sooooooooooo much more.....

For now, easy way out:

Ateliers Ruby Luxury Helmets, Scarves, and so much more......

Dazed & Confused's Jefferson Hack on Jeremy's show

Jeremy Scott Party Pics

Some Runway Shots

JTrent+JScott. Me: Manish Arora jacket, Costume Dept. leggings, Laura Kranitz necklace, Mask from magician's store in Hollywood.
Ok, cut. We'll be on set tomorrow @ 9:30 AM for breakfast at the cafe on the corner of Voltaire.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anais Before My Journey

“I should not be using ink but perfume. I should be writing with Narcisse Noir, with Mitsouko, with jasmine, with honeysuckle.”

“You live like this, sheltered, in a delicate world, and you believe you are living. Then you read a book, or you take a trip, or you talk with someone and you discover that you are not living, that you are hibernating. The symptoms of hibernating are easily detectable: first, restlessness. The second symptom (when hibernating becomes dangerous and might degenerate into death) absence of pleasure. That is all. It appears like an innocuous illness. Monotony, boredom, death. Millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it...”
Its true what she says. Wish me well my friends :) And Callie too! Two little papillons off for an adventure.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Revolution

An inspiring and moving gift from my friend George. I watched it 7 times in a row.....

Listen to this speech from the great Charlie Chaplin acting as a character who is mistaken to be the leader of a country quite similar to Germany. Words written over 60 years ago. Completely on point with today. And its hard to believe its been 40 years to the day since the debate between Nixon & Kennedy....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumnal Equinox

Hello friends. Welcome to autumn. Can you feel it? Is there more of a chill in the air at night where you live? I hope so. I love it. I love all the seasons for what they bring to us in nature and in spirit. Change is good.

Last night, I realized it was the autumnal equinox. So as I was driving home, I took a detour and drove up to the top of the mountain here. It was pitch black @ 8PM. I'd been out and about and wasn't dressed for a hike up a windy dirt path in the dark. Oh well, I slipped off my vintage cream satin mules, grabbed a wrap from the backseat, notified a few friends of my whereabouts via text (just in case!), and trekked up the trail. It felt good to be barefoot on the earth in the darkness.

Taken on the phone. Doesn't do much justice in illustrating the actual experience...
Beautiful silence. Nothing. No one. This is what amazes me about Los Angeles. To be in one direction in the "thick of things" and in the other, so quickly far removed. I sat up there alone, on the very edge of the canyon. The twinkling lights of the city far below and away, like a galaxy of its own it seemed. I feel really fortunate to have that silent mountain above me. Its why in part I am addicted to living in this area. Its why Los Angeles is so amazing.

I meditated on this life, on my family, on my friends, and thought positive thoughts for them. I did the same for some who have seriously upset me or let me down in the past year. I only wish that everyone can find peace, health and happiness. To not struggle so hard and to accept love. If we could all find things within ourselves individually it seems that the humanity would indeed be a better as a whole:) I don't think that is at all naive.

I thought of all the time I have spent up there, from the moment I discovered it to sharing it with others. All great memories. Even the memories that were once bittersweet are just fine now. Ah...peace :)

I admit that this little mother earth who is all in tune did start to get a little creeped out after awhile once I heard rustling in the brush below me. (More creeped because I could not see what it might be even after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and it continued to make its way closer....). So I moved back down the mountain a bit, faced east, and spoke my prayers aloud for everyone again. Made my way further down in almost a dance-like walk, so happy, and jumped in the car to be greeted by Janis Joplin singing "Bobby McGee" (Janis passed away less than a mile from here as the crow flies). I drove along, finished the song in my garage singing to the top of my lungs, dancing as wildly as one can in the car, and continued to dance like a fool around my place once inside. Celebrating life!

The City of Angels. Its always been a place of dreams, lost souls, creative minds, love, life, hope, and opportunity. Keep that glass half-full ya'll.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On This Harvest Moon

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin
We could dream this night away.

But theres a full moon risin
Lets go dancin in the light
We know where the musics playin
Lets go out and feel the night.

Because Im still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because Im still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

If you have some messages for the moon, she still will hear you for the next few days. Go outside and speak to her.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

She Always Sees Things As Though For The First Time--Arthur Miller

A beautiful cover story in the October issue of Vanity Fair.

I suppose I am not so special in my interest and connection to Marilyn. Another 17 year old college girl who's first purchase for her dorm room was a big poster of Marilyn. To me, she was/is the embodiment of sexy, feminine, modern (yes, you can be all 3 ladies) American glamour. A strong yet nurturing woman who knew how to truly utilize her sex appeal, her mind, and was always game for a good laugh. Another plus: she could cook ;)

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Miller
Marilyn came from nothing but heartbreak and dysfunction as a child. Being savvy, she realized early on she would be judged by her outer shell so she tried to use that to her advantage. Yet she also countered her outward appearance by very dedicated study to become a great actress. Yes, I think she was a great actress. She created a character type in cinema that is still prolific today though no one ever mastered it the way she did. Don't you imagine it must have been incredibly hard for her to smile and laugh and light up the screen when she was heartbroken and lost? That indeed is great acting. She was soft. She was romantic. A lover. A fragile and sensitive soul. And of course, an icon. How would any of us handle all that she went through in her life and all that came to her, both good and bad. Its astonishing that she was only 36 when she died. So sad and lost and alone. I wish she could have died with someone's arms wrapped lovingly around her.
I visited her grave in Westwood a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was a moving experience. I kept my hand on the marble for the longest time. "Talking" to her. I asked her some advice and left her with a warm kiss on that cool marble.

She's gone but still so very much alive. Click below for a peak at the Vanity Fair story. And do read the article.