Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Really Happens In The Hollywood Hills

This is Lady Calliope aka Callie. She's been on Wireimage, MTV, and profiled on Paper Magazine's website. She was supposed to do the Julia Clancey runway show last fashion week, but couldn't be bothered to get out of bed before 4PM. She likes to stay up late and wake up later. She may be Marilyn Monroe reincarnated (though she's wearing Jackie O's eyes). Chris Kattan, she's your next star.....

Friday, August 29, 2008

You're The One That I Want

i emailed a friend, and decided to just post some of it:

i haven't yelled and cried and cheered and clapped and affirmed to someone evangelizing on tv in who knows how long, if ever. i used to be much more interested and involved in politics. i miss those family debates and discussions. a mix of rep and dem in my family. i got burnt on george w. bush, and complete crap news programs repeating the same bs all the time. for all these years. i became dead and somewhat uninterested after that (still always voting though) because it was always the same for so many years. dismal.

i am completely changed and so glad i dvr'd the convention because i have to watch it again this weekend and i am sure again after that. we are living in a most amazing time in history and i am sure as hell not taking that for granted! i always wished to have been alive during Martin Luther King, Jr and JFK's time. this is as close as it gets.

al gore was amazing. to hear him speak, i could not help but unconsciously compare george w to him. pathetic comparison. ultimately gore likely did more for world good in some sense by losing, but our country has been so impacted by the depression george w bush put us through, from finances to the overall depressed mood. there is too much anger. too many people suffering. too many people without hope. too many lives needlessly lost to war.

i feel like obama can make people proud to be americans again both in our own country amongst ourselves and our outward perception. i don't want to be ashamed of our leader or feel apologetic for being american.

this is what is real. this is what is important. i feel obama truly transcends race and parties. i was very surprised they really "went" for it on certain subjects and basically called out mccain, but in a really smart and honest way. i see he is a strong man. he seems more "real." if you close your eyes and listen, his accent sometimes is like a classic cowboy gentleman ;) now i am making my biz to investigate joe biden.

was happy to host a mini democratic national convention viewing party complete with burgers and freedom fries! to share this with others is priceless.

i am so happy it was on mlk jr's anniversary and so happy this is a patriotic weekend. i am going to buy a flag....

today is about classic american music. dancing. a renewed energy. not being lazy. love for all. red white and blue. i swear i almost want to be very typically american. wear levis. eat meat, smoke, and wear cowboy boots ;)

and a little more....

love your fellow humans people. be kind to one another. don't take people for granted who are good in your life. smile. care. be understanding and compassionate. keep your glass half-full. life is too short for anything less.


(listening to Olivia Newton John & Travolta-Grease Soundtrack. "You're The One That I Want" ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zainab Boutique: Amazing. (**And There is a Great Sale**)

Zainab Sumu grew up in beautiful Sierra Leone. She was schooled in London, and worked in the arts and in fashion in Paris and New York including several years with Comme des Garcons. Now living in Los Angeles, Zainab has created a very unique, and intimate appointment-only shopping experience in a historical Hollywood building with exposed brick walls, 14-foot high ceilings, and a huge imported black Italian chandelier. It is a very European feeling--perfect for her collection of African art and an edited selection of apparel, accessories, and shoes from designers including Azzedine Alaïa, Azzaro, Balmain, Lutz, Galliano, Junya Watanabe, Richard Nicoll, and Jasmine Shokrian.

Zainab at work in vintage Comme des Garcons. Photo: Eddie Peel

If you love Paris-based Mariage Frères teas as much as I do, you'll be happy to know Zainab is the only place in Los Angeles to carry the line. Housed in beautiful tins, the teas are the perfect hostess gift.

We just had Zainab in the LA Times last Sunday and on as well. Click those links to read more.

**Through Aug. 31, there is a huge 50% to 70% off sale on amazing clothing and shoes (the Alaïa belts, dresses, and shoes are a must for seasonless wear and investing in fashion as art).**

1843 N. Cherokee Ave., (Buzz 411 @ the door) Hollywood 90068
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Through Aug. 31. After that, by appointment only. 323.469.3848

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MOCA: Index

John Baldessari
Concerning Diachronic/Synchronic Time: Above, On, Under (with Mermaid)


The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Purchased with funds provided by Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg

Please come to L.A., we'll live forever
The California life alone is just too hard to bear

We'll live in a house that looks out over the ocean

And we'll see stars fall from the sky, livin' up on the hill

The Second Sentence of Everything I Read is You. Stephen Prina performed pop songs about love, sex & death.

Private party for the artists in the new MOCA exhibition at the Geffen. INDEX: CONCEPTUALISM IN CALIFORNIA FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION

Chinatown @ the Mountain Bar. Memories of funny times past. New memories of these funny times. I had a major migraine, so Stephen Prina's performance irony was lost on me at first...but then it kicked in to my slow brain as my pain wore off. He was a dear. And so was that Ezra with the insane massage--that certainly helped the migraine away.

Dave is the best gentleman ever. He disappeared outside and comes back with magical sandalwood fans for Linlee & me. Index artists Kevin Hanley and T. Kelly Mason DJ'd. The highlight for me was Grace Jones. So primal.

Funny Bones

Funny Bones. Some people have them, some people don't. An engaging film in so many ways. The characters are completely unique. The plot draws you in with twists and turns as well as humanity. Its very visual--from the crazy British seaside carnival towne to the very odd-looking characters who exude physical comedy with a tender heart. You'll laugh and you contemplate. It is bizarre and quite touching. Lee Evans as Parker is brilliant, his expressions and physical comedy are outstanding (he played the creepy "Tucker" in There's Something About Mary) but my favorite character is Bruno Parker, played by Freddie Davies.

Bruno Parker: There's one side forever dark. Invisible. As it should be. But remember, the dark moon draws the tides also.

The pain we feel is worse than anyone else.
But the sunrise we see is more beautiful than anyone else.

Stanley Sharkey: It's all getting very French. And I don't like it.

Belated--Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony on V + Some Love From Lucky Mag

We hit the Opening Ceremony Los Angeles opening ceremony party thrown by Nike with some friends. Tried a little In-&-Out cheeseburger with no burger and champagne. A delightful combo. Check out Linlee Allen's coverage on V Magazine's site. My feathers are by the talented Laura Kranitz of course.

And a little Jstar LA style on Lucky Magazine's site (click it). My mom gave me the vintage fan bag at least 7 years ago. I love it! Thanks Mom!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Week

We had a solar eclipse on Friday. A 5.4 or 5.8 earthquake in LA on Tuesday. So if you are here, and you are feeling a new spirit about you, a spring in your step, or a change of attitude, I wonder if it could all be related?

Now I just want it to rain.....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wholesome Hollywood Weekend

The Big Sleep. The chemistry between Bogart & Bacall....mesmerizing. 1940s. And such style.... I like this film better than the Maltese Falcon. Incredibly sharp dialogue with innuendo and more interesting female characters, including the always high sister.

Marlowe: Well, I can't tell till I've seen you over a distance of ground. You've got a touch of class, but, uh...I don't know how - how far you can go.
Vivian: A lot depends on who's in the saddle. Go ahead Marlowe, I like the way you work. In case you don't know it, you're doing all right.
Marlowe: There's one thing I can't figure out.
Vivian: What makes me run?
Marlowe: Uh-huh.
Vivian: I'll give you a little hint. Sugar won't work. It's been tried.

A weekend of classic films. From film noir Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall to the classic musical with John Travolta & Olivia Newton John.

Grease: The intro is great! Love Sandy. Stockard Channing has great legs and a sharp wit.

And in the midst of all of this:

- A friend who became engaged to himself. If you'd like to congratulate him on his newfound love, I'll tell you where he is registered.

- Grandma's grilled-cheese (buttery, crisp, and flat) done a new way--gruyere cheese, organic sourdough bread, and heirloom tomatoes. YUM.

- A funny fellow with the most amazing camera ever. If only I weren't feeling so very Sandy.

- A dancing dog.

We're No Angels: Bogart in a fun little comedy which takes place on French-owned Devil's Island, the same location as one of my all-time favorite films, Papillon.

- INSPIRED: by Grease Pink Ladies meets Audrey Hepburn. A Sunday morning look--a black twill scooter skirt one-piece, a bright pink scarf in the hair, pink & silver ballet flats, and those Oliver People's glamorous black sunnies for a Sunday bike ride on a 1960's rickety bicycle with a basket to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. I laughed the entire ride, and for some time after.....

- NEW: Sorbet stand @ the Farmer's Market to check out: Cucumber sorbet! Lemon Basil sorbet! Intrigued as always by the young Albanian boys playing the accordian.

- BONDING: over the wonder of California, its unique offerings, and keeping it real. Eating as much delicious food as we possibly could in Studio City with Sanoe.