Friday, January 30, 2009

It is quite fantastic indeed

The men's magazine you fellas should be reading. For gentleman of style and intellect.

You're Not Alone......

A good anthem these days for my lovely humankind as told by the most magical alien angel man of all time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I woke up around 4-something Tues night/Wed morning. No particular reason why. I was very awake though. A couple of hours later it started raining. I had my window open and that beautiful rain scent floated through the air of my room.

The One-Stop-Shop for Michelle Obama's Looks + Jill Biden Is One Hot Tomato

Does it get any better than this? Those kids are too darling. Love the JCrew kidswear on them. Showing classic, American style can be attainable, fun, and smart.

I was addicted to CNN alll day. Seriously. Completely captivated by these moments in history.

Our first lady of style seems to do her one-stop shopping at Ikram in Chicago. The roster of this store's designers makes me want to take a trip to the windy city and I can only imagine how amazing the owner, Ikram Goldman, must be to establish this store in what has always seemed to me a bit of a conservative city.

Ikram carries Jason Wu (the inauguration gown), Isabel Toledo (inauguration day ensemble), Loree Rodkin (her jewels of choice all week-- everything is made here in LA), Tom Binns (the jewelry she wore before--he also lives in LA).....etc. etc.

I want to know what vitamin shots they are on and how they can smile for nearly 18 hours straight on camera.
They became more intimate in their dancing as the night went on. It was sweet.

Ikram also carries LA avant-favorites Liz Goldwyn Jewelry and Rodarte in the mix with Alaia, Balmain, Viktor+Rolf, Undercover, Margiela, and Lanvin. AND she has VINTAGE as well.

I was not crazy about Michelle's daytime ensemble at first, I liked the nod to Jackie O and I do completely admire Isabel Toledo, its just the color wasn't sitting with me well for this particular occasion (I am a bit of the traditionalist and was hoping for a more patriotic color choice). However I feel today looking through photos, when it reads a bit more gold than olivey-yellow, I like it.

I do think its great that Mrs. Obama sticks to things that work for her body, the shift dresses, knee length skirts with belted sweaters, etc and details, details, details. Her day look with the lacey-texture and embellishments transformed into the cream silk-chiffon gown adorned with tiny, embellished florets. Subtle enough sparkle.

(One note, having watched all 10 balls, I wished Mrs. Obama's gown was hemmed maybe 1-2 inces shorter. She kept pulling at the back of it every time she danced to avoid stepping on it, which was a bit distracting....)
What a smart-looking couple. Dr. Jill has a great pair of gams.

No one is talking about the very gorgeous Mrs. Vice President/Dr. Jill Biden. I think she looked fantastic in both her looks. I love that she went patriotic red in a Milly red coat and eschewed traditional pumps to go with stylish (and WARM in that 23 degree weather) in knee boots. At the balls, she was stunning in her red Reem Acra gown. 57 years old never looked so good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shaka from President Obama

Is he the first President to throw a shaka? Seems so. Our President brings the Aloha spirit to DC.

As his Hawaiian high school band passed by, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, threw out the classic Hawaiian greeting. In fact, he threw out several shakas. It was soooooo good ;) I've been addicted to CNN all day. Our first surfing President. (Just because I am a city cat doesn't mean I forget those beach baby roots, and I consider a good bit of my heart to be in that beautiful Aloha state).

Can you imagine how fun the "Homestates Ball" will be tonight? Hawaii and Illinois. Oh bruddah, are dey gonna be eatin some poi with da Chicago-style hot dogs?

(Hijacked pics taken while watching CNN--by far the best network coverage of the day's activities).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crazy For This Hat Designer

Traditionally created millinery with such a brilliant point of view. Karen Henriksen.

Violets & Pansies

Remembering my dear aunt today with a smile. When I was a tiny girl something about her liking those purple-hued flowers stuck in my mind and I forever associate them with her.

Living on the East coast, I never took the beauty of wild Violets for granted. As a young girl, whenever I encountered those treasures of wild Violet patches, I loved to pick a handful of them and make an informal arrangement. (Its hard to believe some people consider them a weed). The cool-colored dainty flowers are framed perfectly by rounded heart-shaped leaves. When I lived in Athens, GA, my house had a steep bank on one side shaded by a huge Pecan tree. In the spring, probably through early fall, the entire bank was covered in wild Violets. It was a magical sort of sight for me and I would sometimes steal some moments lying on top of that cool and plush bed of flowers.

In the same Genus (Viola) as Violets, Pansies look like a watercolor painting come to life. They are sweet and simple yet also intriguing. They can transport us back to Victorian times.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wingate Paine

Wingate Paine
Tenero come il ricordo..., 1964-65
Gelatin silver print

I love nude photos of women from the 50s and 60s--back when a woman had only 1 or 2 bikinis and had serious tan lines.

Paine mainly shot his lovers and girlfriends (and what a happy man he must have been). In 1966 he created a book of his works, Mirror of Venus, with words by Francoise Sagan and Federico Fellini. The sweet, loving and almost demure (compared with today) eroticism (that is what it was considered 43 year ago) of his lens capturing their natural beauty resonates in these beautiful stolen moments. Who doesn't want to run naked by the sea and share in quiet peace like Snow White with a young doe and a bunny?

Wingate Paine
Untitled, 1964-65
Vintage gelatin silver

Wingate Paine
Untitled, 1964-65

More tan lines. Seems like Steven Meisel's Italian Vogue shoot from last year was inspired.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Pre-new year to now my mood floats from the old standard of Henry & June (Anais Nin), Neuromancer (William Gibson), and Once is Not Enough (a trashy but good 1973 novel by Jacqueline Susanne--most known for Valley of the Dolls).

What is the connection? Not much other than you can't judge a book or a person the cover, now can you? ;) I like the escape from a quiet room with the gruff Henry Miller, to a pool bungalow at the Beverly Hills hotel with starlets and journalists to futuristic cyberpunk. I'd like to dress in costume for each of these books for each day of the week. I found some info online that William Gibson is writing the screenplay for the film, but I have no idea if this is valid. Seems like a massive undertaking.

I'm seeing so much talk of "futuristic" fashion stories lately. Why doesn't someone do a Neuromancer fashion editorial?

Amusing...."futuristic" fashion of 2000 filmed in 1930.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


3 lovely days with a handful of lovely friends. A great escape. Loving meals shared together. Relaxing times under a citrusy garden of eaten and in the perfect saline water. What a way to end 08 and start 09. PS, I love you ;)
Resolutions, wishes, hopes, dreams, and affirmations written down, then all put in the fire up in smoke signals to the powers that be above. Our light is so bright and full of good.
America's most wanted.

An attempt at a human 2009 captured by DelinleeDelovely starring Callie the wonderpup, Alex, Roxy, a Laura Kranitz feather headpiece, and some Lanvin men's shoes. We're off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of Oz.

I'm gonna let go of my love of Christmas songs with this one, an homage to the tunes which rang in 09 for us. I need the actual playlist, but there was a lot of straight up dancing, waltzing, and some studio 54 and Soul Train moves. Click it. Best of that era.

Grace Jones, Grace Jones Grace Jones, Smiths, Stones, Avalanches, Bowie, a big ol fun mix.