Monday, June 29, 2009

WRONG: A Program of Text and Image

Eighth Veil latest opening.

Curated by artist and writer Jibade-Khalil Huffman, "Wrong: A Program of Text and Image" is a group exhibition of works, old and (mostly) new, concerned with the use of language in visual art. Comprised of 9 artists working with writing and 3 writers working with art, the show presents an overview of the wide range of possibilities of an art practice involving words. Participating artists include Lawrence Weiner, Charles Gaines, Jen Hofer, Mariah Robertson and Xaviera Simmons. In conjunction with the show and accompanying anthology of texts and images, "After Stanley Donen," Huffman is organizing two nights of talks by poets Brian Kim Stefans and Bruna Mori, by writer Maggie Nelson and by artist Gregory Weiber.

Featuring works by: Lucas Blalock,Mira Dancy,Zipora Fried,Charles Gaines,Jen Hofer,Jibade-Khalil Huffman,Marci MacGuffie,Eliza Newman-Saul,Mariah Robertson,Xaviera Simmons,Lawrence Weiner
Talks by poets Brian Kim Stefans and Bruna Mori, artists Maggie Nelson and Gregory Weiber, and a night of fiction curated by Kate Wolf

Coverage from the opening on my favorite blog of the season: Try Harder

Thursday, June 25, 2009

American Icons

Me & Shawn in front of a painting from Michael Jackson's home.
Like many, I am a a child raised in some of the most iconic times of this country's world-wide contribution to long-lasting pop culture. I feel like putting on a pair of Candies and wearing a white glove at the same time....

Watching re-runs of Charlie's Angels gave me a certain sense of independence and style as a young girl believe it or not. They had a sexy style, could out run the bad guy while wearing stilettos, AND kick his ass without a hair out of place. They put on the naive act, but we knew THEY knew just what they were doing with that coy little smile and a swish of sexy legs.... It was to me, my first glimpse at a sort of pop-culture women's liberation...using what cards the great Lord dealt ya to your advantage.
While Jaclyn Smith is the one I most adored --Farrah played her part much like a sort of Marilyn Monroe for the time. That red swimsuit she wore shot in front of the Mexican blanket was casual, sexy, and so very California for the time--really it still is. She had that look of being as at ease in the disco as she was on a camping roadtrip up the coast. Its nice to know that her illness reunited her with the love of her life and she she was blessed to leave this earth with him by her side.
And then there is dear Michael Jackson. Back in Virginia, Missy Miles and I watched the debut of the Thriller video on TV "together"...while on the phone in our respective homes. I was supposed to be in bed and I was certainly not allowed on the phone past 9PM....but I snuck and we shared that moment. Oh, I was terrified!!!! And, well, thrilled! Michael Jackson leaves a most incredible and indelible body of work. In a college commercial illustration class, one assignment was to do an illustration or painting to accompany a Rolling Stone article. I of course chose Michael Jackson as my subject and spent meticulous hours in oil paint marrying the early 80's Michael to a more current whiter MJ. To this day, when a MJ song comes on when I am out (or at home), I cannot help but dance. 2 years ago Paper Magazine threw a party here in LA with Jeremy Scott & the store Colette. They taught us the dance moves to Thriller. It was the best! Last fall I was lucky enough to go to France for a couple of weeks, timing with the insane Jeff Koons exhibition at Versailles. There I gazed at Michael & Bubbles in one of the most magical and overwhelming places of history I've ever been.
Jeff Koons. Michael Jackson and Bubbles, 1988. Ceramic. 42 x 70 1/2 x 32 1/2 in.
A couple of months ago I went to the Michael Jackson auction preview in Beverly Hills. It was an incredible experience to TOUCH Michael's jackets! (we weren't "really" supposed to ;), to gaze at the sparkly gloves, hear his music, get a glimpse into his love of Pinocchio, Humpty Dumpty, The Aristocats, Snow White, ET and Star Wars. He seemed much more "human" in that sense, just another lost soul who saw the beauty and hope in those stories and films I also love.
Michael Jackson's life sized Darth Vader....made out of Legos.

Its a beautiful day here in LA today. The skies are blue and full of fluffy clouds. The sun is shining and it is "just" warm enough with a beautiful breeze blowing through the trees......

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time travel

a stroll down memory lane. old U2 is on the radio right now. takes me back to me and missy miles at church camp in VA. i blasted "sunday bloody sunday" in our room and thought i was a total rebel ;) which was not exactly horrible but a bit outlandish for the vice president of the church youth group.... met that cute punk boy who's name tag said "hello, my name is: sid vicious." his daddy was a judge. he had good manners... but he drove fast ;) a perfect combo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest stalking on Ebay...

Native American arrowheads. Well, I've loved them my entire life having grown up in a region rich with Colonial and Native American history (Virginia). This set is from North Carolina.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day....

Do you think the designers @ Margiela would like this combo...cork boots & scrubs? Colors like nature...the drive between LA & San Diego right now....This is how I spent Memorial Day 2009. I wouldn't have had it any other way :)

We are most honest...

This sign struck me amongst the many that Patrick "Pato" Herbert created for the California Biennial last year.

Upon driving up to the OC Museum of Art last fall, I first "saw" them as typical election or protest signs.... I was then sucked into walking about reading each of them and discussing the quotes with friends. Such a garden of colorful sentiments....

The sign seen here may or may not have been a gift liberated from its original home. In the tradition of new beginnings, I thought I would continue with the intent of the artist by placing it on a corner in my neighborhood yesterday for the public to enjoy, perhaps provoking conversations with friends and lovers. I set it along a similar spot we often see "for rent" signs.....

I am happy to say it lasted less than 24 hours on that corner before being liberated in the middle of the afternoon by someone who must have also been struck by the sentiment. I love that a sign that talks of honesty was um, "liberated," and I hope the trend continues ;)
(image taken outside the OC Museum from one of my favorite blogs, Tryharder)
Pato created these signs after prompting questions to young adults throughout Southern California.

Happy Birthday Marilyn

Ms. Monroe was born June 1, 1926. This photo was taken on her 30th birthday.