Saturday, October 31, 2009

She ran

She ran through the wood until she reached a clearing. There, she saw how beautiful the flowers were, standing upright and nodding their heads at her. All at once a brightly colored flower moved & flew away. "I did not know that flowers flew," she said. And there was no one there to tell her it was not a flower, but a butterfly.

Friday, October 30, 2009

ZAINAB toasts Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Nominee OHNE TITEL

Shortly we are off to the Chateau Marmont for the Vogue/CFDA tea for the Fashion Fund nominees.

Last night, we had a fantastic and perfectly curated soiree for the launch of the new store front space for Zainab Sumu's new store, ZAINAB and a Spring 2010 trunk show & celebration for Alexa Adams and Flora Gil of OHNE TITEL for their Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Nomination.

Zainab previously operated out of a gorgeous 1920's old Hollywood building by appointment only. This is her new venture onto Melrose, just across La Brea from the delicious M Cafe.
Zainab has the "eye" and the touch. A completely terrific point of view. Ohne Titel are exclusive to Zainab in LA. What I love about Ohne Titel is the amazing attention to detail. The fabrics are beyond. You must see them, feel, them, and try them on to fully understand. The reverse side of the pieces are as amazing as the outside.

My favorite French woman, Flavie Webster of Cerre, me, Alex & Flora of Ohne Titel in Comme Des Garcons & Ohne Titel respectively. They were straight off the plane, dashed to the Sunset Tower, and into the party. Amazingly creative women and incredibly fun! Their partnership--best friends, a Libra & an Aquarius.

This is Jerome Rousseau. A neighbor and darling gentleman who makes truly beautiful shoes, now available at Zainab.
Lips! Odilon designer Stacey Clark wears a black kiss while friend Natalie wears a striking shade of red.

The stunning Zainab & me. Zainab wears Ohne Titel Spring 2010 and Fall 09 Ohne Titel shoes with Jenni Kayne gloves. I wear Ohne Titel Spring 2010 with those now classic YSL booties, Julia Clancey hand drape and AND_i necklaces.
Izze sparkling juice (no added sugars!) and Pearl vodka. The perfect combination!
All photos by
Zainab & the ever-friendly and handsome retail wonderkid & philanthropist Shamus.

Designer Jasmin Shokrian admires the beautiful Natalia Brilli French accessories.

Flavie & Clay of Cerre on Las Palmas. A MUST visit boutique of their beautiful leather collection and vintage finds.
To you from Paris. Gentlemen sample Histoires de Parfums.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

and now. safely home. in my curated world. listening to beautiful classical music. a thick and epic sort that makes your heart soar....up to that dreamy moon. with violins that make you want to smile and dance and curtsy. the soundtrack for a gentleman to tip his hat to a lady. he bows, looks up and catches an innocent eye.

that kind of music.

composed in 1898. "Dorian." Alexander Glazunov.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween is near! Nosferatu

Flickering lights. Inspiring style (well, at least of our leading lady---or for a Halloween Nosferatu getup). Do you feel sorry for him, or is he just another stalker? Sometimes guys just look at you that way--they don't even realize it ;)

Nosferatu (1922) Originally released in 1922 as Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens, director F.W. Munarau's chilling and eerie adaption of Stoker's Dracula is a silent masterpiece of terror which to this day is the most striking and frightening portrayal of the legend.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The first solo exhibition of Reggie Casagrande's work has had such a terrific response that we have extended the show until Halloween weekend.OCT. 17 TO OCT. 30, 2009. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12-6 or by appointment.

6020 Wilshire Blvd. (across from BCAM at LACMA) Los Angeles, CA 90036

Paradise Lost tells a story of Miami’s most explosive decade. In the late seventies Miami re-emerged as a cocaine-ridden city of drugs and violence. Debaucherous discothèques, palatial mansions, exotic car dealerships, and international banks defined the new space that would become the future of contemporary South Florida. This body of work features photography, film, mirrored etchings, and works on paper exploring the themes of power, desire and destruction. Historical figures like cigarette boat king Don Aronow, drug queenpin Griselda Blanco and celluloid icon Tony Montana all worked well as symbols of empty promise. A passion for true crime and the current level of greed and corruption in our culture provided timely inspiration. “I figured it was a loose metaphor, much like the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton (1667) about the fall of man,” says Casagrande.

In the glamour of the night, the mirrored squares circling the dance floor create a fleeting contradiction between fantasy and reality. The power of transformation, and the popularity of cocaine’s anxiety ridden nature framed my decision to work within the notion of mirrors and perception.

The grid pattern’s allusive nature creates a linear abstraction reducing the space down to a single square. The square becomes a ring, the ring becomes a battle, and within this square is a spectacle of power. A dance unfolds where power and morality are on the line until a new opponent emerges in victory. -- Paul Mittleman, curator, Paradise Lost.

Reggie Casagrande crew opening night.... It was a long week for all but so excited for Reggie to see this come to fruition for her. I met Reggie about 8 years ago when we hired her to shoot an ad campaign for the brand I was working for. I had seen her work in Paper magazine and thought she had such a cool POV. She was one of the first friendly faces from my former life that I saw once I moved to LA and I feel lucky to know this amazing woman.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Thanksgiving I really Want

Okay, I loooove Halloween.

But what I dream of, is a Thanksgiving where my my family, friends and I dress in traditional attire of the original Thanksgiving.

Here Callie and I serve our native friends/relatives.

I did show up to a friend's Thanksgiving a few years ago dressed a bit native American. Everyone else was just themselves. Maybe that is myself though. Hmmm.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

“TUNE IN” Keala Kennelly Stars In FUEL TV’s Original Series “Firsthand”

Airing Sunday, October 25, at 8:00pm Eastern Time (5:00pm Pacific Time), and re-airing several more times during the next month

surfer Keala Kennelly (and major dear & kind friend for 10 years) stars in FUEL TV’s signature 30-minute series “Firsthand.” Maybe you saw her in HBO's "John from Cincininatti" or DJing at some cool club, or even doing what she is most known for, surfing death-defying waves. I will neeeeever forget the fear/adrenaline of being in a tiny boat in Tahiti and watching that girl drop in on the most massive wave I'd ever seen in my life. I was afraid for her life,I was afraid for mine!

Keala Kennelly is one of the premiere big-wave women surfers in the world and she proves this every time she goes out to surf. In her episode of “Firsthand,” Keala spends some time at home on the North Shore of Kauai with the family and entertaining friends who are on vacation on the island. Keala also does a bit of stand-up paddling in front of her current home on the South Shore of Oahu, after which she shows us why she loves living in the city. Finally, Keala heads off to Tahiti to do what she does best, catch big waves at the famed Teahupoo. After watching this episode of “Firsthand,” you’ll see that Keala is warm and energetic and loves to surf!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blessings for New Beginnings

Shawn arranged for a private blessing at the beautiful and stunning Hindu temple in Malibu. It was a very moving experience--my first in a temple.