Monday, August 30, 2010

R. Kelly - When A Woman Loves

In love with this beautifully chic video directed by my friend Jeremy Rall. He has an impeccable eye and style. I can see each still being an amazing photograph on its own. The video harkens back to the simplicity of classic cinema. What an amazing voice and range & dramatic flair R. Kelly has! Some true lyrics. Great combo of talent. Enjoy!

(click to see it on youtube as for some reason you can't see the entire screen on my blog & you don't want to miss out )

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fade away never

The title is a pun - the song is not in fact about the European nomenclature of pencil leads or cigarettes, but actually dedicated to Hollywood film star Humphrey Bogart. ("2HB" = "to Humphrey Bogart".) In particular, it references the Bogart classic Casablanca.

The song is gentle and mellow in tone, evoking a smoky cabaret atmosphere and classic black and white films.

The instrumentation on the Roxy Music recording is dominated by Ferry's Hohner Pianet N electric piano, and features a saxophone solo in the middle where MacKay's playing is treated with tape echo effects by Brian Eno.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ace was the place for the Perseids meteor shower

Desert road trip with an old pal. The Perseids meteor shower was truly amazing! The biggest, brightest fireballs shooting across the sky that I have ever seen in my life. We drove up into the mountains in the wee hours of the morning for better views away from lights and were joined by the likes of at least one coyote and several other creatures who preferred just to freak us out in the brush without showing themselves ;) The Ace hotel was ace! 110 in the desert sun forces you to relax. Like being in a sauna for hours, and then floating in a saline pool. Pure delight!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Glam Bowie shoot for LEMON Magazine

Another lemon project. This time the magazine, not the human ;) LEMON magazine. "LEMON is pop culture with a twist. An elaborate, one-of-a-kind annual publication staking its claim at the intersection of 60's-70's Pop and 21st century hyper-culture. Illustrated with specially-commissioned art, design and photography from celebrated artists and acclaimed talents alike, LEMON is an immersive experience in print."

A rare time I did some official styling. Of course the got me with a BOWIE shoot. The female model is my friend Kate Earl, a very talented singer. Makeup by Roxy. Photography by Gabriel Jeffrey. Click HERE for more from the shoot.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will Lemon III @ Eighth Veil. NY Times T Magazine

Excited to have been working for some time with fellow Libra creative inspirer/collaborator Will Lemon III on his show @ Eighth Veil gallery here in LA, as well as some other projects such as the Odilon A/W 2010 film with Alia Raza and a very cool project coming up in the future.

Come check out his closing night performance on the full moon of August 24th @ 8PM! Eighth Veil. 7174 Sunset Blvd. LA


I can't thank journalist Steffie Nelson and the staff at the NY Times enough. Thrilled with the piece! Thank you! Snippet from the article below:

The comparison was clear at Lemon’s multimedia exhibition, “Parcival vs. the Sun,” which opened recently at the Eighth Veil gallery in Hollywood and attracted artists, architects, fashion designers and stylists, along with friends and collaborators like Devendra Banhart (a guest musician on “VII Acts”), Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk and Paul Hahn, who runs the band’s production company Daft Arts. They all gathered under a series of large canvas tapestries and looked through a limited-edition book printed by the gallery’s publishing house. Lemon’s intricate, colorful designs depicting the quest of the knight Parcival to find his true self included motifs that are echoed in his skin-printing work.

The custom linen cloak that Will wore in the performance was a collaboration with Cavern Collection

Erin Garcia is the amazing sound designer Will collaborated with to compose the piece for the performance. Erin is also a drummer in the band Widows. They met last year when Will recorded & co-produced with Erin a cover of David Bowie's "African Night Flight" with Aska Matsumiya for an upcoming Manimal Vinyl Bowie tribute record.
The exhibition is inspired in part by the senses. Thanks to IZZE soda (we REALLY love the new ginger flavor) and Lorenza Rose for their beautiful contribution to the sense of taste for the opening night beverages.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Blood of a Poet: John Maus meets Jean Cocteau

I found this on my friend Betty's site. I always wanted a friend named Betty, and thanks to an introduction at the Italian Cultural Institute by the ever-talented and witty Karl Haendel, I do. (Hi to both if you are reading ;) Betty is based in San Fran and is a passionate magazine publisher, idea generator, collaborator, and curator. Here is one of her sites: first person media: Where artists come to watch "TV". A weekly selection of historical, contemporary films, documentaries, and videos that we find stunning, entertaining and newsworthy.

Betty gets it. She got me with this, as of course did Mr. Maus and Mr. Cocteau. (filmed in 1930...) Obsessed with this beautiful combination....

The Steel Magnolia was part of the Bruce High Quality Foundation's BRUCENNIAL2010

Your steel magnolia was part of the Bruce High Quality Foundation's BRUCENNIAL2010: Miseducation Literary Supplement. Click HERE They are cheeky & I dig their digs on the faction of the art world which is uptight and insular.

Since its founding, the BRUCENNIAL has evolved into The Bruce High Quality Foundation's signature public program, as well as the most important survey of contemporary art in the world ever. Following the triumphant successes of BRUCENNIAL08: Doing it Again (Bushwick) and BRUCENNIAL09: Smithumenta (Carol Gardens), BRUCENNIAL2010: Miseducation brings together 420 artists from 911 countries working in 666 discrete disciplines to reclaim education as part of an artist's ongoing practice beyond the principals of any one institution or experience.