Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eight Weeks

Part of the circle of trust. A tough day made beautiful. Birthday @ Cafe des Artistes. Rebecca, Eddie, moi, Julie, Roxy, Christine, Dave.

Me (Julia Clancey headpiece) & Roxy :)

Kevlar bullet proof roses to pin over your heart. Paper 24 hour store
Jenny from Opening Ceremony. Lovely woman of style. Bernard Wilhelm sunnies. Love them. And a tan, blonde blast from my past in the background: darling Danielle from Roxy. We have stories to tell ;)
Fall in LA! One of my favorite trees. Japanese red maple.

Day of the Dead @ Tony Alva's.
JT Bowie transformation & Ms. Stacy.

Prop 8 protest downtown. Electric energy!
Manish Arora show. It was stunning. Paris always is a degree too good for words and pictures. The best parts are in that video player in my mind ;)
Johnny Makeup in Jeremy Scott Fox sweater. Love.

Hot taste in Lanvin shoes....kill me.
Eye see you....Eye see all....Eye see what eye want to see....
Kiki de party & Alejandro. Bonding over white dresses and turquoise eyes. Julia Clancey dress, jet collar and headpiece. Princess Leia meets Cleopatra..... in the future....
Ezra's Wednesdays @ Mandrake. Eddie in lovely grey grosgrain suspenders from Le Bon Marche.
House of the seeds of many men. Trip with a friend :)

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