Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Want My Ovation TV

I am dying for this channel. From what I gather, its only available on satellite, at least in my 'hood. Not fair......Time Warner---I pay you a fortune for 300 channels I could care less about--(It seems I only really watch Bravo, PBS, Sundance, & HBO) please add Ovation!

Today alone they are showing Amadeaus and Divine Trash.

Tomorrow I would be so happy to DVR Eve & Marilyn (click here for a great teaser...): American photographer and journalist Eve Arnold delves into her relationship with Marilyn Monroe, whom she photographed possibly more than any other photographer.

Ovation TV
airs programming dedicated to the Fine Arts. It is the only channel of its kind and features programming devoted to Music (Jazz, Classical, Pop), Opera, Dance, and Film. In addition, Ovation features in-depth profiles on various artists and performers and arts news from the U.S and around the world.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

If A Computer Mouse Had a Time Machine....

I've been dabbling in interest in the steampunk movement for a year or so, being someone who's lost soul is in times past but is living with technology in the body present (scroll below for some musings on my star-crossed lover Oscar Wilde). This is the latest piece I came across that wows me to no end. Click here to see a how it was done DIYers.

Latest Obsession? Antique Satin Slippers.

I love that the sensible way to rest is coming home and putting on heels.....LOVE IT!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Security Through Obscurity, Lilikoi, & the Gulf Fritillary

Passion vine is chemically protected by cyanogenic glycosides, which prevent most plant-eating insects from feeding on it. It is, however, fed upon by the larvae of two specialized butterflies, which feed on no other plants.

Security Through Obscurity. A most amazing term taught to me by my friend EBP. It is used in relation to computers and the internet, etc.

Of course I think the term is much deeper ;) I've instituted my own Security Through Obscurity in those times where I retreat from social butterfly back into my cocoon. Which is, by the way, a really great way to re-energize oneself.

Before I went on holiday, I cut a piece of sprawling Passion Flower vine off of a fence in my neighborhood (there was much to spare). I wanted to try to root it and start my own plant as its always been one of my favorites. The flowers always blow my mind, the name is amazing, and I love the fruit. (Passion fruit or lilikoi as its know in Hawaii, is one of my most FAVORITE fruits and flavors!) I put the long piece of vine in a celadon Japanese vase sitting in my picture window.
When I returned from VA, I noticed there was the coolest caterpillar on the vine, munching away. I let him be and just admired him. Knowing a bit about the evolution of caterpillar to butterfly, I realized this must be his host plant (caterpillars must have particular plants as their food--not just any old vine). Instead of moving him, I felt his needs were more important than my want of growing a healthy vine.

Well, the very next day, I see he's dropped his black spiny outer-shell head on the shelf and attached himself--making his cocoon/chrysalis!!!! It changes a bit each day, becoming more camouflaged as part of the vine. Hmm....and back again we go. His very own Security Through Obscurity maneuver--taking a break to be shrouded in peaceful darkness for awhile before fluttering about beautifully in the light of the world. Of course I understand the caterpillar/butterfly and I am so blessed to witness this on kind of an intimate level. Soon he will become a Gulf Fritillary butterfly and I'll set him free......or maybe he's a she.....or maybe we'll fly away free together :)

Bizarre to feel commonality with a caterpillar? I don't think so.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Heaven and Earth never agreed to frame a better place for man's habitation."--Captain John Smith

So long Los Angeles. And all those parties in Malibu. I'm going back to a place that hasn't changed terribly much in the past 200 years. Instead of a big party, I am going to a town with a total population of 340 people. There is some perspective :)

Going back to put my feet on the soil and my body in the waters of such a beautiful state--a place so fitting to celebrate the history of what the Fourth of July means for Americans. Actually stopping in Philadelphia briefly on my way--the home of the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.

We'll be sitting on a calm dock on the bay (the Chesapeake) surrounded by so much history in what may seem the middle of nowhere for the 4th.....(see part of my directions below to our "rivah" house to get an idea--when is the last time you had directions like this?)

You will go about 7 miles and cross a bridge over the Rappahannock river.
About 1000 feet past the bridge turn Right (actually an elbow turn).
Go about 500 feet and turn left following the road and keep going straight through the woods until you come to an open area.
Turn Left and follow the grassy road around the field and through the little forest following the grassy road.
Turn Left by the metal shed.
Follow the snakey road thru the woods.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meow. Amazing Manifesto. Nice Bottle...

I take advantage of what you always said about me
I take advantage of your sexual essence
I take advantage of drugs and food
I take advantage of my olfactory memory and trips
I take advantage of mistakes
I take advantage from the Z1
I take advantage of the best raw materials
I give advantage to people longing to distinguish themselves

Uganda Village Project

There has to be a balance. Between talk of what is going on in the world, and actually doing something about it. Between mass consumerism and philanthropy.

My amazing friend Mark is going to Africa to create a film and videos for a non-profit group, Uganda Village Project, which does amazing work in the region for Clean Water * Scholarship Fund * Healthcare / Obstetric Fistula * HIV/AIDS * Malaria * Income Generation * Please help however you can. For me, it was easy to absorb what the group does by clicking on this site feature: Year in Pictures.

Donations are tax deductible! You will receive a receipt for this deduction.

I would appreciate it if you take a look at our page and consider donating.

For more info on the Uganda Village Project:

Hope you are all doing well and have a great Summer!