Monday, June 29, 2009

WRONG: A Program of Text and Image

Eighth Veil latest opening.

Curated by artist and writer Jibade-Khalil Huffman, "Wrong: A Program of Text and Image" is a group exhibition of works, old and (mostly) new, concerned with the use of language in visual art. Comprised of 9 artists working with writing and 3 writers working with art, the show presents an overview of the wide range of possibilities of an art practice involving words. Participating artists include Lawrence Weiner, Charles Gaines, Jen Hofer, Mariah Robertson and Xaviera Simmons. In conjunction with the show and accompanying anthology of texts and images, "After Stanley Donen," Huffman is organizing two nights of talks by poets Brian Kim Stefans and Bruna Mori, by writer Maggie Nelson and by artist Gregory Weiber.

Featuring works by: Lucas Blalock,Mira Dancy,Zipora Fried,Charles Gaines,Jen Hofer,Jibade-Khalil Huffman,Marci MacGuffie,Eliza Newman-Saul,Mariah Robertson,Xaviera Simmons,Lawrence Weiner
Talks by poets Brian Kim Stefans and Bruna Mori, artists Maggie Nelson and Gregory Weiber, and a night of fiction curated by Kate Wolf

Coverage from the opening on my favorite blog of the season: Try Harder

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