Monday, January 11, 2010

Love Is a Mix Tape

Life and love, one song at a time. Its amazing what song can do to us. Hearing a particular tune can take us right back into some particular moment like a time machine.

Love is a Mix Tape is written by Rob Sheffield, writer for Rolling Stone and a friend of my friend Ed. The book tells the story of Rob & Renee as chronicled in part through the tapes they made for one another. It takes me back to going through the record bins at Plan 9 in Richmond and Charlottesville.

The music and cultural references are a great time capsule of an amazing era in music and pop culture. Remember putting scotch tape over those holes on the cassette to record over it? Were you alive then? ;)

Ed, who sent me the book before Christmas, also got a little group of us back into making mix tapes for one another--though they are on CD now. Its the best feeling to get that little treat in the mail, rip open the envelope, and take it all in. Much cooler and more intimate than downloading.

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A Song About Love said...

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