Sunday, March 28, 2010

NY Times T Magazine writes about Maria Callas @ the Italian Cultural Institute

Big thank you to William Van Meter & NY Times T Magazine for this piece on the exhibition I am working on for the Italian Cultural Institute.
Maria Callas

Maria Callas. Photo by Cecil Beaton.


In a world where Miley Cyrus is considered a diva, a stroll through “Maria Callas: A Woman, a Voice, a Myth” is a refreshing detour. Now here is a woman who was both talent and tempest.

The exhibition, at Los Angeles’s Italian Cultural Institute, is composed of artifacts from Callas’s life both onstage and off. Standouts include the costume jewelry she wore in her role as Medea — golden chains adorned with archaic totems of bull’s heads and horned gods — and the black velvet Yves Saint Laurent gown from her master class. Also on display is Callas’s correspondence and her personal wardrobe, which was often as dramatic and regal as her opera regalia; she had a penchant for capes and caftans. Read more…

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