Monday, August 2, 2010

The Blood of a Poet: John Maus meets Jean Cocteau

I found this on my friend Betty's site. I always wanted a friend named Betty, and thanks to an introduction at the Italian Cultural Institute by the ever-talented and witty Karl Haendel, I do. (Hi to both if you are reading ;) Betty is based in San Fran and is a passionate magazine publisher, idea generator, collaborator, and curator. Here is one of her sites: first person media: Where artists come to watch "TV". A weekly selection of historical, contemporary films, documentaries, and videos that we find stunning, entertaining and newsworthy.

Betty gets it. She got me with this, as of course did Mr. Maus and Mr. Cocteau. (filmed in 1930...) Obsessed with this beautiful combination....

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isa said...

Oh how I love this song, and John Maus is so endlessly brilliant.