Thursday, November 18, 2010

Patti Smith wins National Book Award!

Patti Smith is the perfect woman as far as I am concerned. Reading "Just Kids" further confirmed this. I started the book on a trip to NY while staying at the Chelsea Hotel. I can't say enough of how inspiring and touching the book is. It gives you a look at the tender and nurturing side of this incredible woman. Its a very lovely and intimate glimpse into the lives of these two broke young lovers turned life-long friends and collaborators.

Congrats to Ms. Smith!

Her book made me wish that in all of my gypsy travels, many lives, and moves around the country, I would have kept writings and journals more instead of the often ceremonial burning once I moved on to a new life chapter. (For me, sometimes looking back on certain experiences can be a bit too painful.)

Here is a great interview with her on NPR's Fresh Air. (Thanks to Stephanie Ballauer Pair for sending that my way!)

Great quote from the LA Times: "I've loved books all my life," a teary-eyed Smith said as she took the stage at the gala ceremony in New York. As a clerk at Scribner's Bookstore, she said, she shelved the National Book Award winners. "I used to wonder what it would feel like" —

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