Saturday, September 22, 2007

first time

so the moon was right for this. i had been saying for 2 weeks i was going to start a blog or website about my dog and her adventures. but i decided to do this instead. she'll have a starring role, of course.

i went with this name incorporating "steel magnolia" because my aunt has often referred to me as such the (the urban dictionary defines the term as, " A southern woman who is strong and independent yet very feminine.") i think all of the women in my family are steel magnolias for the most part. some are a bit more steel, others way more magnolia. i've learned so much from all of them.

rick levine @ has amazing horoscopes. sometimes eerily spot on. i used to enjoy the ones from the ny post a few years ago, but then they changed astrologers. not that i live by these things by any means, but i do believe there is something significant, our scientific/magnetic connection to the universe. where the earth was was lined up in relation to the sun, the moon, and the other planets when we were born, and where the planets are lined up each day.

(yes, i am wearing a dashiki right now. but i was wearing my purple marc jacobs rainboots and a proper trench coat earlier. i'm not "just" a hippie, mind you.)

i do feel i've always been particularly tied to the moon. i really take it in visually every night. i love to see the moonrise, the different phases, and of course the full moon makes me a bit crazy and keeps me awake.

suffering from insomnia as i often do, i was sick of tossing and turning so i left the warmth of my cozy bed around 5 AM today and read the "daily horoscope overview" for all signs. it seemed to work with what i had been aiming to do. and this is much more fun than the menial tasks i really should be doing.

"The Moon enters intelligent Aquarius at 4:17 am EDT, highlighting our connection with information technology. We are more attached now to data than to our feelings. Even if we ponder our relationship to the community, it is less personal as we reach out beyond our individual perspectives and seek a broader, more universal view of the world. Staying in touch with our emotions can be a struggle as we stretch into a more mental posture."

ok, i feel a bit doogie howser right now....... they were so ahead of the trend ;)

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