Saturday, September 22, 2007

rain and scientology

we practically had a torrential downpour last night. at least for this part of the world. we had actual thunder. i love it.

the noise of the raindrops hitting the tin awning of my mid-century apartment was incredibly loud. it echoed in my living room. but it was the most amazing acoustic creation.

today i took lady calliope (callie) out for her walk. i tried to wait for the rain to break. i put on her cute yellow rain coat (its function and fashion), my own rain gear as well, and went for it. she was freaked out at first, but then we had such fun running in the rain. i was excited to have a real reason to wear my purple rain boots and use one of my many umbrellas. someone took our photo as they were driving past us. so many people come up with cameras on my street trying to get a shot of the hollywood sign. i used to be one of them. i was laughing so hard, running in the rain with the doggie. she's a good cure for sadness too. it was beautiful. the sky and the dark clouds sitting on the mountain above the hollywood sign here reminded me a lot of hawaii today. it was a good feeling.

the chill in the air was exhilarating and there is something about rain that is obviously cleansing. i'd been rather sad yesterday but today nature somehow pulled me out of that place. rain gives a feeling of a new beginning as well. like a baptism of the earth and our spirit. i'm just free thinking so don't judge that last sentence. it just came out of me...... but i do think rain is quite depressing for a lot of people. not this one.

i went for a soy cappuccino at the "bourgeois pig" which i rarely do since i only started drinking it last year--hopefully it will remain an occasional thing, not a habit. i picked up the taste for coffee late in life from my ex frenchman. i sat outside with callie, talking to the pale new york girl as well as the hyper man next to me. i'm still the nice southern girl after all this time here. i stared at the "Scientology celebrity center." though i'm no celeb or scientologist, i decided to go for it and went for a tour on my own with doggie. there is a full basketball court. the building and grounds are very lovely. there was a natural looking fountain with rocks that reminded me of the waterfalls in hawaii. i stood by it for sometime getting the negative ions. maybe those helped my mood as well?

sadly, we were not abducted, not that we remember......

but i'll be going back to enjoy this lovely place. it is peaceful there and it is nice that it is open to the public.

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