Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Want My Ovation TV

I am dying for this channel. From what I gather, its only available on satellite, at least in my 'hood. Not fair......Time Warner---I pay you a fortune for 300 channels I could care less about--(It seems I only really watch Bravo, PBS, Sundance, & HBO) please add Ovation!

Today alone they are showing Amadeaus and Divine Trash.

Tomorrow I would be so happy to DVR Eve & Marilyn (click here for a great teaser...): American photographer and journalist Eve Arnold delves into her relationship with Marilyn Monroe, whom she photographed possibly more than any other photographer.

Ovation TV
airs programming dedicated to the Fine Arts. It is the only channel of its kind and features programming devoted to Music (Jazz, Classical, Pop), Opera, Dance, and Film. In addition, Ovation features in-depth profiles on various artists and performers and arts news from the U.S and around the world.

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Anonymous said...

funny they have a site called:

where you can request this directly from TW. You just have to check and see that it isn't in your area and it will provide a form to request the channel.