Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Heaven and Earth never agreed to frame a better place for man's habitation."--Captain John Smith

So long Los Angeles. And all those parties in Malibu. I'm going back to a place that hasn't changed terribly much in the past 200 years. Instead of a big party, I am going to a town with a total population of 340 people. There is some perspective :)

Going back to put my feet on the soil and my body in the waters of such a beautiful state--a place so fitting to celebrate the history of what the Fourth of July means for Americans. Actually stopping in Philadelphia briefly on my way--the home of the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.

We'll be sitting on a calm dock on the bay (the Chesapeake) surrounded by so much history in what may seem the middle of nowhere for the 4th.....(see part of my directions below to our "rivah" house to get an idea--when is the last time you had directions like this?)

You will go about 7 miles and cross a bridge over the Rappahannock river.
About 1000 feet past the bridge turn Right (actually an elbow turn).
Go about 500 feet and turn left following the road and keep going straight through the woods until you come to an open area.
Turn Left and follow the grassy road around the field and through the little forest following the grassy road.
Turn Left by the metal shed.
Follow the snakey road thru the woods.

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