Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumnal Equinox

Hello friends. Welcome to autumn. Can you feel it? Is there more of a chill in the air at night where you live? I hope so. I love it. I love all the seasons for what they bring to us in nature and in spirit. Change is good.

Last night, I realized it was the autumnal equinox. So as I was driving home, I took a detour and drove up to the top of the mountain here. It was pitch black @ 8PM. I'd been out and about and wasn't dressed for a hike up a windy dirt path in the dark. Oh well, I slipped off my vintage cream satin mules, grabbed a wrap from the backseat, notified a few friends of my whereabouts via text (just in case!), and trekked up the trail. It felt good to be barefoot on the earth in the darkness.

Taken on the phone. Doesn't do much justice in illustrating the actual experience...
Beautiful silence. Nothing. No one. This is what amazes me about Los Angeles. To be in one direction in the "thick of things" and in the other, so quickly far removed. I sat up there alone, on the very edge of the canyon. The twinkling lights of the city far below and away, like a galaxy of its own it seemed. I feel really fortunate to have that silent mountain above me. Its why in part I am addicted to living in this area. Its why Los Angeles is so amazing.

I meditated on this life, on my family, on my friends, and thought positive thoughts for them. I did the same for some who have seriously upset me or let me down in the past year. I only wish that everyone can find peace, health and happiness. To not struggle so hard and to accept love. If we could all find things within ourselves individually it seems that the humanity would indeed be a better as a whole:) I don't think that is at all naive.

I thought of all the time I have spent up there, from the moment I discovered it to sharing it with others. All great memories. Even the memories that were once bittersweet are just fine now. Ah...peace :)

I admit that this little mother earth who is all in tune did start to get a little creeped out after awhile once I heard rustling in the brush below me. (More creeped because I could not see what it might be even after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and it continued to make its way closer....). So I moved back down the mountain a bit, faced east, and spoke my prayers aloud for everyone again. Made my way further down in almost a dance-like walk, so happy, and jumped in the car to be greeted by Janis Joplin singing "Bobby McGee" (Janis passed away less than a mile from here as the crow flies). I drove along, finished the song in my garage singing to the top of my lungs, dancing as wildly as one can in the car, and continued to dance like a fool around my place once inside. Celebrating life!

The City of Angels. Its always been a place of dreams, lost souls, creative minds, love, life, hope, and opportunity. Keep that glass half-full ya'll.

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Kimmmmmmy said...

Jessica- Your blog is so incredible. Thank you for sharing such inspiring and delicately crafted words.