Saturday, September 6, 2008

She Always Sees Things As Though For The First Time--Arthur Miller

A beautiful cover story in the October issue of Vanity Fair.

I suppose I am not so special in my interest and connection to Marilyn. Another 17 year old college girl who's first purchase for her dorm room was a big poster of Marilyn. To me, she was/is the embodiment of sexy, feminine, modern (yes, you can be all 3 ladies) American glamour. A strong yet nurturing woman who knew how to truly utilize her sex appeal, her mind, and was always game for a good laugh. Another plus: she could cook ;)

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Miller
Marilyn came from nothing but heartbreak and dysfunction as a child. Being savvy, she realized early on she would be judged by her outer shell so she tried to use that to her advantage. Yet she also countered her outward appearance by very dedicated study to become a great actress. Yes, I think she was a great actress. She created a character type in cinema that is still prolific today though no one ever mastered it the way she did. Don't you imagine it must have been incredibly hard for her to smile and laugh and light up the screen when she was heartbroken and lost? That indeed is great acting. She was soft. She was romantic. A lover. A fragile and sensitive soul. And of course, an icon. How would any of us handle all that she went through in her life and all that came to her, both good and bad. Its astonishing that she was only 36 when she died. So sad and lost and alone. I wish she could have died with someone's arms wrapped lovingly around her.
I visited her grave in Westwood a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was a moving experience. I kept my hand on the marble for the longest time. "Talking" to her. I asked her some advice and left her with a warm kiss on that cool marble.

She's gone but still so very much alive. Click below for a peak at the Vanity Fair story. And do read the article.

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