Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At Home Here In Paris

Avec Monsieur Coste and his cool ride. The Eiffel Tower, Vroom vroom.

Its 4:30AM.

So much to tell. So many experiences. All the senses. Everything. I feel like I float down these streets. The star of a movie called life.

J'adore Paris. Beyond words.....

Does it get any better than this? If it does, WOW, I am even MORE excited!!!

Living in an apartment of my own for over a week. Walking the dog down Saint Germaine. Practicing my bad French. Cruising around the city at midnight on a motorcycle. And the Eiffel tower lit up like this? Does this stuff really happen? Yes, it does. Even for petite females from tiny towns in Virginia. I am not jaded. I am so appreciative of all of this. This is not to brag. I hope it is to inspire :)
Its Paris. It has to be Chanel.

I have to write some things not so vague about Jeremy's show and his so very perfect pop culture commentary on the fuel crisis "Let Them Eat Gas", this amazing luxury helmet designer, the intricate patterns and sculpture of the Manish Arora collection, and sooooooooooo much more.....

For now, easy way out:

Ateliers Ruby Luxury Helmets, Scarves, and so much more......

Dazed & Confused's Jefferson Hack on Jeremy's show

Jeremy Scott Party Pics

Some Runway Shots

JTrent+JScott. Me: Manish Arora jacket, Costume Dept. leggings, Laura Kranitz necklace, Mask from magician's store in Hollywood.
Ok, cut. We'll be on set tomorrow @ 9:30 AM for breakfast at the cafe on the corner of Voltaire.

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