Sunday, October 5, 2008

C'est Amour

Her heart beat slowly and passionately. Breathing deeply. Her eyes were as wide open as ever before. Taking in everything, her heart felt to physically open up, expand and grow--like a flower blooming in one of those time lapse films. The petals reaching out to the world. Then came the butterflies. The subtleties of light embracing and bouncing off the buildings and trees through the misty clouds. The hazy glow of streetlights in the rain. The magnificent orange glow of the day's sun retiring--in contrast to dark aqua to navy skies and fluffy white clouds merging to dramatic anthracite filled with rain to come. The scene was like an impressionist painting come to life. How could she see things in life, almost exactly the way Monet or dear Van Gogh painted them on the canvas? Was it seeing through the filter of love? Was it the moment? It was all. It was it. The camera was dead. It did not matter. The moment is recorded in her mind forever. So special. So perfect. The love with that perfect city which reciprocates it all exponentially. One of the great loves of her life...... This is what loves feels like....

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