Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ralph Ginzburg

In one of those lives I have lived, I was supposed to be a graphic designer or art director of some sort. I still have a very particular adoration for design and typography. I feel the choice of a font is one of the most important elements in visual communication. A particular font really "speaks," sends a feeling, emotion, state of mind...... And it is also important to take delicate care of a font, each letter, ala the craft of kerning in typography which seems a bit of a lost art these days.

Ginzburg's partner in crime was Herbert F. Lubalin who created one of my very favorite typefaces, Avant Garde, the same name given to one of their amazing, short-lived publications in the late 60s.

"It is characterized by geometrically perfect round strokes; short, straight lines; and an extremely large number of ligatures and negative kerning."

I love a rebel, and that was indeed Ginzburg. A very brilliant rebel who cared about the details... His writings and bold statements (many of which brought him serious trouble with the law) were perfectly visually communicated. If I could wriggle my nose ala Bewitched to magically dive into his magazines to live , I would be incredibly happy.

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