Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Silver Fox in North America and Europe....

The Silver Fox is considered a handsome animal. During the autumn and winter, the Silver Fox may grow more fur. This so-called "winter fur" keeps the animal warm in the colder environment. The Silver Fox sheds this fur at the onset of spring, reverting back to the short fur for the duration of the summer.

Silver Foxes are largely carnivorous. They do also eat some plant material, especially blackberries, apples, plums, figs, and other fruit.

Socially, the Silver Fox is a kind and highly intelligent creature who communicates with body language and a variety of vocalizations. Its vocal range is quite large and its noises vary.

The Silver Fox has been considered a heterosexual and monogamous species. The Silver Fox breeding period varies widely due to its broad distribution; southern populations breed from December to January, central populations from January to February and northern populations from February to April.

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shahla said...

Wow.. you're adorable.
The silver fox is great... but why discriminate, especially when young cubs are so frisky.