Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Search of Snow....1 hour away from Hollywood

Bored on a Sunday? Nothing better than a Sunday drive with someone along for adventure (especially when the Mini gets such fantastic gas mileage AND is fun to drive along those curvy roads). We set out with no particular agenda other than the quest for snow.... Would it be a fruitless search in the middle of April in Los Angeles County?
It was REALLY warm at the bottom of the mountain, somewhere in the 80s and very arid.

We looked @ the map and decided to head to Mt. Baldy as neither of us had been there. We stopped @ Walmart somewhere in the valley....it was for me, like visiting another country. Really fascinating.... Some cool jelly gladiator sandals in the kids dept. looked pretty stylish on my little feet and how cool is this little pom pom animal kit?!

We took a fairly empty tram up the mountain. The temperature was about 40ish at the top.

My snow art....

Full wardrobe change. The Russian hat for the Jeskimo look was actually brought along for style...I'll admit, but was completely neccessary to keep warm! My partner in crime is camera shy so he shall remain anonymous here, but thanks to him for the very 60s pic.
Snow melts midway down the mountain. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful....the sound of that rushing water....I hopped across some rocks to sit mid-stream and meditate a bit.

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