Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Muscle Car

How insane is this new Dodge Charger? I can't help it ya'll. I may be a classy lady but you can't get the Southern roots out of what makes my pupils dilate sometimes ;) Loving the car companies doing these new versions while keeping the essence of the old school hotness there.

I snapped photos of the car, not noticing at all the driver, parked in front of the Riviera hotel in Palm Springs. Well, it wasn't a hot guy in the seat. It was none other than Audrina from The Hills. Sometimes one just cannot escape the inescapable. C'est la vie & LOL. I have to say she was quite a nice girl and we chatted about the"interesting" world of creative editing on that show. She didn't seem half as ditzy as I hear she is portrayed. Why not exploit the system back?! She's working it. She enjoys the spotlight, so good on her for making the most while she can. Time & $$ help to heal wounds ;)

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