Thursday, May 14, 2009

CARRY ON: Wes Lang & Ryan Schneider

Ryan Schneider

Opening Friday, May 15th @ the Eighth Veil Gallery in Hollywood. 7-9PM.
(on Sunset @ Formosa. Parking across the street at Family Theater).

Each of these New York-based artists has his own unique interpretation and perspective of our fine state (of mind). Both Schneider and Lang have created FANTASTIC limited edition books published in-house @ Eighth Veil to accompany their show.

Wes Lang
NY Times profile today on Wes Lang

Eighth Veil is pleased to announce Carry On. An exhibition by New York-based artists Wes Lang and Ryan Schneider, Carry On brings together drawings, paintings, and books focusing on landscape and culture in California. Their shared interest in the state has transformed the subject matter and method that both Lang and Schneider normally employ.

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