Monday, July 20, 2009

ForYourArt Coverage of MoCA private opening reception

Jessica Trent, Karyn Kohl and Bennett Simpson

From Happy House co-founder Jessica Trent

I come from a beautiful, small town in Virginia and through all my work, worldly travels and life experiences which have brought me to the big city, I am still thankfully in awe of what we can experience in life each day. I eschew jaded perceptions of this lovely city. There is a real energy and renaissance happening in all the creative industries here, which like many of you, I find incredibly exciting and inspiring.

Last Sunday Happy House at MOCA (the support council I co-chair along with Karyn Kohl and Ezra Woods) organized a private opening reception co-hosted by ForYourArt and visionary retailer Opening Ceremony for MOCA’s Collecting History: Highlighting Recent Acquisitions.

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