Saturday, February 20, 2010

Curse you NYC. What have you done to me?

I never thought this Yankee town could steal my southern heart ;)

Sometimes you do get what you wish for. Simply, I wanted it to snow while I was here and it could not have been more perfect. Here we are out for a walk with Callie and one of her main boyfriends, Valcor. The puffy jacket is courtesy of angel Jeremy Scott, who created another smart collection for his return to NY fashion week and had the best party with dancing til dawn.

Right now I am listening to Maria Callas (the next project with the Italian Cultural Institute) as my commune of friends awakens groggily from a late night. I have had an amazing morning already, out for a long walk about town taking in the brilliant Alexis Bittar posters featuring 80s diva Joan Collins in full Alexis Carrington mode, the superb bagel shop, the exhilirating cool air, and many friendly strangers.

Yesterday brought this magnolia a true treat. My heart belonged to the ballet as a young girl and who would have thought I would be sitting in Merce Cunningham's studio watching the last dancers trained under him rehearse a very special piece. Sitting on the bench taking off my shoes before entering the studio made me think of those times going to dance rehearsals myself. I should also note the wonderful shock of seeing shirts hand-painted for Merce c. 1958 by Robert Rauschenberg as they came out of the archives....Is this a dream?!

I followed that magic up with a visit with my lovely friends and collaborators at Nouveau PR. They created the best presentations and shows of fashion week (Risto, Siki Im, Flanders House) and conduct themselves with good manners, style and grace. I <3 Michael and Corinna!

Last night I had a perfect dinner at Cafe Gitane with my dear Athens friends who have lived here for many years now. Of all the places in this big city, how is it that my friend Karyn from LA happened to be sitting right behind me? Serendipity is the theme this week.

I don't want to leave. We are off shortly to the Guggenheim. There is so much life, so much to take in.

I am eating a bit of meat again and drinking coffee.... honestly what happened? ;)

So there you are. My love affair with New York is no longer clandestine...

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