Friday, February 26, 2010

I had a dream about Ozzy

I was living in a sort of massive building in New York with Ozzy Osborne and some other folks. It was a commune of sorts. Ozzy was the leader. Ozzy was very calm and spoke with intellect and clear annunciation.

Our leader called us all together in the main room which was set up for a conference. I took my chair in the back amongst probably 25 other people. Ozzy stood in front of us and instructed that he wanted us each to stand up as we were called upon to say one word that described our future. The word could not be used twice in the group.

For whatever reason, the first and only word that came to my mind was"dynamic." Just as my turn was about to come, the young woman ahead of me, someone I only recognize from friend's photos on Facebook, stood up with confidence and said, "DYNAMIC!" I was stunned. My turn came, and all I could think of was this one word. DYNAMIC. I was silent. Everyone looked at me. My mind was blank. I felt badly. Zero thoughts. Nothing. I sheepishly smiled and said "Dynamic was the word I was going to use as well. I just cannot think of anything else." The woman took pity and said she would take it back, but I of course could not allow that. I just looked at Ozzy and the group and shrugged.....

How could I not think of anything else? Why was I stuck on dynamic? Why did I secretly despise this woman for "stealing" my word?

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