Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fashion Smashion, Today I Rest, the online home of Vogue. A site I've looked at least 3x a week for many years, taking in the runway reviews, stories, fashion, and style. And this week, the LA Steel Magnolia made it on their front page for 2 days. I won't be shy, I was pretty taken aback, thrilled, humbled, and "validated" all at once. Of course I have many more amazing looks to show off.
Ha. These 2 weeks were quite abusive at times, so this was really great. Thank you to the amazingly stylish Linlee Allen for this. I have such fun with fashion, its nice to be recognized for it :) I was pretty wiped out when DeLinlee took the shot, but who's going to complain? Here is the link:

Me & Vogue's ALT
I was delirious a lot the past 2 weeks. We worked 14 days straight, often from 9AM til between 11 and 2 AM. Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share. Taking Vogue's Editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley around to 4 of our shows at Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week @ Smashbox Studios (the PR machine here so used to noting all the sponsors) was truly a highlight as well as talking with the dapper & charming Michael Roberts from Vanity Fair. And back at the office, the midnight sillies created some hilarious one-liners, cross-dressing interns, and our own runway walk-offs.... Nicky H being so sweet in trying to help me sneak in Marquee into S Bar was another memorable moment. Agh, I thought we could do it! Oh well, the release of dancing later on like freaks at Cinespace saved my soul for a bit. Did you like being on stage Lily Bird?
Julia Clancey's show was amazing, especially after all the US Customs drama. Paco didn't make it to the Veronika Jeanvie show as scheduled, but I am emailing Alexandre in Paris a photo of my vintage Paco Rabanne dress for the man himself to authenticate.

So, now to rest for a bit. No shows, no cameras, headsets, mics, crews, paparazzi, music nothing. Human & sensory detox.

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