Friday, March 14, 2008

The Wisteria Vine is Blooming

The wisteria vine only blooms once per year, for less than 2 weeks. I had one outside my place down by the beach for a few years as well.

There is a massice vine outside my place. Taking over an entire tree. Hanging over with the grape-like clusters of lilac colored flowers. A fragrance that is so beautiful and intoxicating, not to mention the beauty of the vine. The blooming of the wisteria vine marks the 1 year anniversary of my moving into this place, (though I did keep my pied a terre down south by the beach for a couple of months and didn't feel officially moved in til perhaps July or September as I was away so much.)

My sweet little kitty Tasha that was my companion as I grew up the past 18 years, passed away 2 years ago this wisteria bloom. She was such a love and really liked to smell flowers when we were outside together. Kind of funny, we were a lot alike.

I like to mark times in my life through nature, and occurences, more than typical calendars...............

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