Monday, March 17, 2008

A Lovely Red Wine & Girlscout Cookies

I'm half-asleep now, 8PM-1AM at the Chateau last night. Happy B-day Mark!

I have to buy a new car? What a hassle. I thought it was just wrecked but it looks like its totalled? I just want my sweet little Volvo back. It was easy..... It was my gypsy home. I haven't even had time to deal. I've been in a rental car for over a month! I'd like a muscle car or boxy old blue Mercedes run on BioFuel. But realistically, can I handle the planning to stock up on vegetable oil? What do you do when you go on a road trip? Stop at McDonald's and siphon their deep fryer? I've been reading up and there are actually a lot of flex-fuel cars that can run with Ethanol (E85). Hmm...... Check it out "Are you driving a flex-fuel car and don't even know it?"

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