Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It is a green drink otherwise known as The Green Fairy. I understand is not anywhere as strong as it was back in its heyday. Many of my most favorite intellectuals and artists of that time consumed it regularly: Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde, and Vincent Van Gogh.

I'm sort of obsessed with it right now--the way I get you know.  I am not usually one for licorice/anise flavor, but the whole ritual of the drink, the lovely perforated absinthe spoon resting on the glass holding the sugar cube (one bartender dripped absinthe over the cube slowly, another lit the cube on fire after a bit of absinthe had absorbed), sipping it so slowly in the dark....it seemed to agree quite well with me and made me happy..... Here is more info for you

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