Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some of My Photos: Palm Springs For Coachella & Jeremy Scott/Adidas Party @ Frank Sinatra's Estate

But we're all small....we're European..... (more on that below...)
Another obsession for years. Modern Windmills. They are like this alien robot army. So surreal. Can't you see Dali being inspired? Every time I approach Palm Springs on that drive, I most anticipate the moment I come upon them. My 2nd day there, I found this road off the highway on my own, drove alone into the windmill farm, and stared at them for some time in awe contemplating.....then I took my rental rollerskate car high speed on the road and spun out in the dust. So Dukes of Hazard... hee. I mean, I am from Virginia ya'll.

Its just so beautiful there.....
After a hot day, a hot night. A little absinthe again from our Green Door fellas to start out the night. I bounce between being in a cocoon for days to emerging for a bit as the social butterfly. Vintage Emilio Pucci on me and on Eddie who was a good sport about it all--wearing my robe. (His Dries shirt did match afterall). A handsome southern gentleman.

The poolhouse @ Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms estate.
Ezra from Opening Ceremony is a character, a witty and dapper guy who seems to love miss Chloe (she does have amazing lashes) and was born 15 years too late. Thanks to her for taking the junk food chile-limon chips and Planters dry roasted Virginia nuts out of the kitchen for us to enjoy on the lawn :) We were starving after the caterers took the delicious food away :( Luckily we still had IZZE juice and FIJI water.
I heart U Jeremy :) I guess we had a tie in our "robe-off?" He does rock a robe well. Jeremy can do it all. Sweet as pie. Amazing designer. Great dancer. Sexy pout. Fabulous style. And most importantly, such a love. A very kind and nurturing friend to so many. I feel blessed. This is probably 4 or 5AM? He always looks so good.
These shots in Cory's room @ Frank's are by the darling babe Matt Irwin. Here we have sweet & funny Anouck, sassy Linlee (my gypsy partner in crime this time for our Thelma & Louise roadtrip...without the Brad Pitt hookup sadly ;) and moi. A break from too much dancing fun :) 4AM? The wallpaper is amazing. Its on the ceiling too! Check Linlee's Coachella style story for
A colorful bunch: Cory, Frankie, Matt, Anouck, J* & Izze sparkling juice.

Mademoiselle Sarah Leferl of Colette. Always chic and fun-loving :) The fabric and pleating on her Rodarte skirt was beautiful.

Insane leggings! I love this girl's style. Carri of Cassette Playa.

The gorgeous and talented Santi/Santogold with lovely Mr. Scott. Her new album just dropped. Go get it!!!!

A perfect desert half-moon. Photo taken while laying on Frank's lawn. Then once the sun came up, and everyone went to sleep, I dove into the pool @ 6AM wearing my outfit. I wanted that feeling of the long layers of Pucci floating behind me as I swam underwater....I wanted it for myself, without attention. It was amazing........the quiet and heavy swoosh of the fabric....a mermaid.....
Sunday at maybe 1PM we had the breakfast caravan of cars to Elmer's upon Linlee's urging. The wait staff are real characters, lets leave it there. That thing Sarah is photographing took our breath away! A German "pancake?" What???? It was 14 inches in diameter. We all had so much food the day after the soiree. Omelets, pancakes, waffles with fruit and whipped cream, hash browns, you name it. Thank you Sarah for treating us to the massive breakfast! Funny quote from Anouk to the waitress when we were trying to go from 2 tables to one. Waitress: "That table is too small for your whole group." Anouk (in a sweet little pleading voice): "But we're all very small, we're European..."

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