Monday, April 7, 2008

Spotted: Monsters in Black and Blondes From the Beach in The Mountains of Music Television. But More Importantly, My Favourite Tunisian-Frenchman

Well friends....what did you think of tonight? Some day I will have the most amazing book to write. For now, only allowed to say so much. A sweet girl from VA swallowed up into the firey gates of fashion hell. I am laughing as I knew these scenes would be coming up. Though maybe not to the degree they became. I'm sorry my family was so worried about me. Ah well, for some it probably gave them great pleasure to see me appear dimwitted or sad on the mocu-drama, and you know thats fine if it gives some folks some satisfaction. Honestly. For others with more developed minds, they'll see crafty editing turning a real person into some faux dolt persona for the entertainment sake of the televised machine..

Aside from the faux world, my real life today included a lovely, funny time with Jenn, dinner with Mike "Orlando Bloom" Vargas @ Magnolia with the lovely Lori & Nina!!!! And a lovely and inspirational experience talking for 20 minutes with my dream lover Hedi Slimane again.He was enjoying his TAN-- showing it off in a white t-shirt with sleeves rolled up to the shoulder. He really loves the balance, beauty, and weather of our city of Angels. He also talked about how wonderful he thinks our dear Jeremy Scott is, and I could not agree more ;) Before departing for his flight back to Paris he spoke to me some sweet words in French and I wished him bon voyage ;) Cause me Pain Hedi Slimane. You'll be seeing much more of Hedi's huge blue eyes and vast creative talent here in the coming months. He may want your help as well. You know how to contact me ;)

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