Monday, June 2, 2008

Malediction Society Gemini Ball

"I have three types of absinthe, German, Swiss, and French. The French is the most expensive, $25 per ounce." Ezra and I had "death in the afternoon": absinthe poured over the sugar cube, lit on fire, and mixed with champagne. The dreamy feel of the drink was the perfect concoction for our foray into a gothic world last night.
"The goths are like hippies--they're very nice" Ezra noted. Its true. They welcomed us without question. It was wonderful to try something so different from the usual scene and its a bit liberating to know you can go somewhere and escape for a while. Especially yesterday, I needed to do that. It was like being transported back to some other time and certainly some other place. Aside from the palm trees, it certainly doesn't look like typical Los Angeles.

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Helen Mosher said...

Next time you're back on this coast, you should drop me a line. My husband is a craft brewer and also does some distilling, making his own absinthe.

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