Friday, December 12, 2008

Its beginning to look, smell, feel and sound a lot like Christmas :)

Smell: Baked some quite yummy, buttery, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies earlier this week to get in the mood. And the use of doilies these days is underrated! So pretty and proper to frame your baked goods. Like a lacy snowflake :) Next up, star and palm tree shaped sugar cookies (think Hollywood walk of fame and the palm tree lined streets of this fine city). And lets not forget that hot spiced apple cider. Its yummy to drink and lovely to scent the home as well.

Sound: Car stereo is tuned to 24 hour Christmas music station. I am serious. We only get to indulge once per year, so why not do it up, sing to the top of your lungs, and FEEL it?! At home, try this: You can go from classic Christmas tunes, to Rock, Pop, and many more choices.

Look: Your own decorations or driving around looking at the lights in neighborhoods. Perfect for a Sunday evening.

Feel: Do you feel it in your heart? :) And may your every New Year dream come true this year.

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