Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Malibu & Hollywood Holiday Time

The bestttttttttttt. Malibu Seafood. Brought back memories of my family back East and eating fried clam strips and shrimp with my dad when I was a teeny little girl. Simply the best fried seafood I've had since I've lived in California I think. Fresh and yummy. And outside, look at the light here. Its like heaven itself. The majesty of this earth. Not retouched at all. Even more amazing to experience it live.....

A hammock of fun w/Shahla at a huge party on Sat. I might have looked a bit Gossip Girl?Jacket from Paris, very vintage broach from my mom. Olivia at Sgt. Recruiter in an amazing vintage sweater dress. Yumminess after hours with wine and cheese.

The El Capitan theater. So pretty. Makes you want to give all your money to the church of Mickey Mouse. They are realllllly good.

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