Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whirlwind. Wild is the Wind.

Some pics from the whirlwind trip to Virginia.

January 2007 to January 2009. Thinking of the past two years. How they flew right by in the constant and crazy pace of this life. Of all that has changed. New city, new place, new things, new job, new pet. Ex love, malicious soul suckers, ex job, the devastating loss of dear family. New travels, new adventures, new people, new car, new likes, new ideas, new places, new haircuts, new outlook, new person? And the essentials that have thankfully remained the same. Dear friends, loving family, the core of my being, not jaded.
Spending time with family during the holidays can really make you hit your "reset" button and put so much into perspective if you allow it. Or I suppose quiet time alone can do that to a degree as well. The pause as things slow down now before the new year approaches. Have we been more patient, kind and fair than not? Have we also taken time to tend to the flowers of our own garden as much as we have tended to others? What has been learned from the good and the bad? The joy and the pain?
So very looking forward to the coming week. To bringing together those who have stood the test of time with those who are newly essential and dear. I am blessed and so very fortunate. Rich in love as the saying goes.

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