Friday, May 28, 2010

Everyone dreams

Well, this is a good start to the weekend friends! My dear high school & former college roomie Jodi Friedman (Jodie Fashion & Jessica Trendy as we were called @ age 16 by some mean girl) sent me a hilarious email today of her dream last night.

Do you think it might come true? Do note that we grew up in a land rich with the history of the revolutionary and civil wars. Historic plaques, cannons, and the like are everywhere. We also were a amongst some of the more forward thinking and dressing people in our tiny little town.

Whoa. Some people are even creative while they sleep ;)
"soooo i have a dream...that you give birth to fraternal twins... boy and girl... tell me you hate my shoes i have been wearing... then present the twins to the world around age 2 in a mini documentary form... then at the end you pop up out of the bottom of the stage dressed in the rebel flag.... then i am caught in a flood at fort clifton and all these civil war guns are floating by me... really wtf??????.. very very wierd... please don't dress your twins in the rebel flag.. promise me this... and my shoes are fab.. stop yelling at me in my sleep!!! happy memeorial day xoxoxxoox"

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