Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Over-consumption & greed are gross and tacky. Now for the to use nylons, hair, and pet's fur clippings to clean up the oil.

This oil spill & the way it has all been handled leaves me ill & sad. Please boycott BP & be fuel-conscious friends. If you don't care about the environment (you are LAME), then consider yet another massive financial blow on hard-working Americans who rely on the ocean and its creatures--from shrimpers to the tourist industry. Totally could have been avoided. NO MORE OFFSHORE DRILLING! And $5k for ruining your livelihood? INSULTING BP!

Under BP there is also: am/pm, Aral, Arco, and Castrol Email them and let them know what you think.

BP Trying To Get Alabamians To Give Up Right To Sue Over Spill

BP has been offering $5000 payments to residents of coastal Alabama areas, in exchange for essentially giving up their right to sue the oil giant over its deadly Gulf Coast spill, according to the state's attorney general.

Now on to the POSITIVE. You can donate nylons, hair clippings and fur to help with the cleanup! A fantastic way to put to purpose things that are discarded every day! Tell your salon and groomer and clean out your lingerie drawers to help! GULF OIL SPILL ALERT TO DONATE HAIR / FUR/ NYLONS FOR OIL SPILL HAIRBOOMS AND HAIRMATS. Here we look at fibers (hair, wool, fur, feathers...). Thousands of salons mail us hair clippings, swept up off their floors, and the fibers are stuffed into booms or woven into hair mats. Phill McCrory, a stylist from Alabama....

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