Sunday, May 16, 2010

i want a hammock, not a fancy dress. shades of red americana today.

quiet. trickling fountain. sketching plants. drinking yerba mate out of a mug from my grandmother. i ate the first ripe strawberry off of my plant :) talking to a plump grey bird. looking into the cat's eyes & convincing her she doesn't want to hurt it. the dog is basking in the sun.
ladybug eating the bad bugs off the hollyhock.
some work of course. always work....thank goodness for the mobility of the macbook. sick as all get out the past few days. doing my darnedest to shake it. just trying out the old timey advice of sitting in the sun with my mouth open... who cares if i look foolish. keeping it real as possible in LA.... i want a hammock, not a fancy dress.
sunday shoes. way old school vans.

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