Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It was 4 years ago

This very week. Maybe tonight. A year past knowing 2003.

In a city full of lights. A place I'd always detested until then.

After fun and laughter with friends. Late into night, early in the morning.

It was all told to me.

Under a bright spotlight, amidst painted ladies, fake smiles, and lost souls.

I naively dismissed it all. But of course was intrigued.

There was a crazy and horrible and beautiful story that followed.

I smile in that melancholy way, looking back at the naive honesty laid out to me. A smile in a knowing way. The way I was told repeatedly I would someday. When this story would be just another one I'd tell about times and people past.

A different world then. A different person now. Perhaps more of a woman. Certainly more evolved.

Love. Life. Timing.

Some regrets? Yes. For bad timing. For the others in the mix who were certainly hurt. And for a dear friendship now lost. But just for me, what can I really say? I still feel we should all go with our hearts into this world, no matter the things or people or instances that trespassed against before. Its all a beautiful journey. Je ne regrette rien, non.

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