Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today is Caleb's Birthday

My little aquarian star.
Back there in Virgina. He's double digits now. The big 1-0. How did that happen? Its gone by so fast. He's so amazing. So loving. So smart. And also so adult sarcastic at times, like our father.
A new bike, new Wii games, laser tag, and the cool Quiksilver tide watch from "the best sister in the world" as he says. There is nothing so real and so deep as love from a child.

He discovered tide watches at the surf shop when we were on vacation in August. He's always loved digital and mechanical things, and of course loves the ocean like me.
That love of saltwater is deeply shared in our blood. He thinks its the coolest that he can check out the low and high tides in so many different places--somehow knowing the time of tides nearest to my home make me seem not so far away to him. He loves that is also shows the current phase of the moon :)
I just think he's the coolest. I miss him.....

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