Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ms. Blerina's Collection at Agent Provocateur

Fiery red Blerina rocks it in luxurious leopard print stretch silk chiffon. This range features an eye-catching aubergine trim and enticing pink taffeta bows.

Now you may have heard legend of my sexy, petite Albanian friend Blerina (aka BB). Now, even those who do not know her in person can wear her panties!

French actress Vahina Giocante models the Blerina collection in the latest installment of The Adventures of Miss AP. L'Appartment: A Parisienne Love Story. Pick up the book @ the AP store or read it online.

Its true. The amazing Agent Provocateur designed this collection with our darling Blerina as the perfect, petite, leopard-loving muse. It just debuted this week at the stores and its already a top-seller. Is it the design, or the legend of BB herself? Do you want her to autograph that lingerie? Says Ms. Blerina Hoxha, "Well at least now people will know how to pronounce my name correctly."

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