Sunday, February 24, 2008

My First Oscar's Week As An Official LA Resident

Oscar winner Diablo Cody in our Loree Rodkin jewelry! ...(Available at Maxfield & Neiman Marcus Precious Gems, go and get them.)

There are a plethora of diamond and watch brands hustling to get their designs on the celebs. We do it for Loree Rodkin. The really big Italian ones pull out no stops. From suites and parties at the Beverly Wilshire (Damiani), to an all-out domino-themed 1940's gambling experience at the Beverly Hills Hotel (de Grisogono) with a $50,000 prize donated to charity. And well, I was at both with friends :)

There's a lot to tell. Its been very Sex & the City lately? Some hilarious tales and conversations that will not be posted here.....

Not sure if I'm gonna make it to one of those fancy Oscar viewing parties tonight, like the one our friends @ Mercedes are doing at the Four Seasons. I suppose its lame if I don't go, but I am just not "feeling" it tonight. Having my social gameface on. Its that or dinner @ the Chateau with friends, or in my sleep attire with the doggie watching the glam on TV. Meanwhile, the Oscars are literally walking distance from my place.....which is also a reason I may not venture out. The traffic coming home will be a nightmare......

We finally know Brangelina are preggers. Angie looks amazing with child. Younger and more loving with more meat on those frail bones. I knew just from the body language weeks ago. Before we saw the big dress @ the SAG awards. The way she was gazing and touching Brad, you could tell they were so happy and had a secret :)

Not sure of his getup at the Indie Spirit Awards. Its Hard Out Here for a Pimp must have been on his mind when he got ready. Or maybe he was just rifling through, mixing leftovers from Fight Club and Mr. Evan's Whats Happening closet.I'll be truthful. I didn't used to be a Clooney fan, but good god almighty the man is like a fine damned wine and just gets more and more caliente with age! Seriously! Its not just his looks, its that he puts himself together like a gentleman for the red carpet, he's intelligent, and charismatic. Thats whats really sexy--the brain and the confidence.

Now I do think his girlfriend is "pretty enough," and I say this without jealousy....she looks like she should be his niece, or like she was "cast" as his love interest in a James Bond film. Not sure they seem like they "fit." There isn't any **spark** when you see them together.

Me, Eva & Julia travel in style from the Beverly Wilshire to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Our driver had some amazing stories.....(Laura Kranitz feathers, Mara Hoffman dress, Rebecca Norman bracelet and Wolford stockings--I had a 1940's wing theme going.....)

Now, back to moi. THIS WEEK: Anxiety, art, pitches, diamonds, ostrich feathers, Bentleys, limos, champagne, jet beads, silk charmeuse, red lips, dandy actors, Oscar-nominated directors, darkly dressed art boys, walking in the rain, walking in LA! Sunset Marquis, Gagosian, Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Wilshire, the Chateau, Italians, Russians, Germans, Virginians, the British are taking over Los Angeles! Oh my. And then there's the hills.......

Italians throwing a party for the Russian Oscar-nominated director @ the Sunset Marquis hotel. A lot of incredibly tall Russian model-wannabe girls. A lot of shorter actor types. And some legends. Italians. Germans. Russians. Champagne. Red carpet. A good crowd who smelled even better somehow... A lovely atmosphere in Bar 1200. Jesse is a sweetheart.
The fabulous Roberto Cavalli @ the Julian Schnabel opening.
The Julian Schnabel opening @ the Gagosian Gallery absolutely made my week. Though it was incredibly crowded, like a rock concert, seeing that many people there for the art as well as the scene of course was an experience. John Waters hasn't aged in 20 years, nor has Dennis Hopper. And the throngs of good-looking and stylishly dressed art enthusiasts was so refreshing. It felt like a good New York night, even though we were in Beverly Hills. Yes, I really did like a couple of the paintings. Yes, he's probably just capitalizing on all of it to fund his films. Who could blame him?

Beverly Hills Hotel. So beautiful. Love the chandeliers. More red carpet. And our bartender putting a bit of cassis in my champagne since they were out of rose. Ashton Kutcher is really quite handsome and charming as all get out in person. A tall drink of water.... Very dapper. Olivier Martinez. He's good-looking, but hmmm, maybe hotter on film? Demi & Charlize gambled the night away and looked amazing doing so. Honestly, Demi just glows. And have to say, Rumer is much prettier in person. She looked quite statuesque and is a real sweetheart. So, I do like their little modern family. Dawson was off the creek and his wife was really pretty.
Charlize was the big winner. Gambling... and in her Dior. Check the guy checking Eva's backside!

My darling Brit Julia Clancey is already ruling this town, less than 2 weeks here. Talented and so amazing. Her show will be so beautiful and sexy!

Fashion guru Steve Cojo told me something I cannot repeat here about my job...... wow. He sure wishes me luck ;) Ha.
Whats a party without dancing?Breaking it down Cubano style with Kendrick. Ha! 4th and final party before hopping into a limo that wasn't mine and getting a ride home ;) The world is your oyster. Own it.

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