Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Am Nothing

I just want to tell you all. I am nothing. Nothing at all. Without the help of others around me. I hope that other humans are not consumed by their own ego in a way that they do not realize this in their own lives. Without the help and support of those around me, from my family, to my friends, to key people helping at work, I'd never be one half the success that I am, or at half the level of sanity ever at all on a given day. So THANK YOU! Honestly!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd never have survived today--the past two really-- without Lily and Danielle. And so many days they've been there, Jade helping as well. Thank you!!!!!!!! I hope you know how much I appreciate all you do! And thanks to Laura for the nice champs to go along with our throaty Miley song we played surprisingly on repeat....Now the world knows the secret........

AND, I am loving my sweet puffy creme Jeremy-Japan coat that made my day and my impromptu date :) Yeah. It looks smashing with the knee-high black patent boots. Or so I am told ;)

Love your work.

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