Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nicole Richie....

Looks so skinny after just having a baby! Here she is at the Bev Hills Hotel the other night. But she should really smile more.

Oops, I mean Rachel Zoe needs to eat a sandwich!

Good gosh, Nicole, for the love, this is your future you looking at you. Eat my dear, EAT! And Rachel, no one wants to look 60 when they are in their 30's. 10 more pounds and you'll look at least 20 years younger!

And RZ, smile! It lightens one up a bit. And ditch the maroon lips and dark eyeshadow. It makes her look altogether old and evil....

Girls, if you are starving yourself (and probably smoking) this is what your fate will be at 30-something. NOT HOT! EAT AND BE HAPPY!

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