Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who's on 3rd?

at least i have the dog now. like dorothy's toto ;) and i've already been off to see the wizard! you don't know. these coming 12 months are very important. it was told to me 4 years ago, amongst other things that were incredibly spot on. but though i revealed so much to persons dear to me then, i honestly never revealed this "exact" part. the time now seemed so far off then for the potential paths in my life in the future. (the future comes sooner than you think when you look back on the a lot ;) i kept this detail to myself in part as i had hoped life as i had wished for at that time would have sorted itself out sooner. alas it did not, but thats okay, because there is another path.

so open but yet not at all it seems. we all must keep something reserved for ourselves out of that protective wall i suppose. so i am here, and the time is absolutely NOW. and i feel it like crazy. so much. its exciting! so many 3s were predicted. here we are....... as of this month. so i'll vaguely let you know what i am talking about.....or i won't ;)

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